Special notice when posting/replying in IGS to encourage self-regulation of posts and improving RP (and other ideas)

There’s a pretty solid conversation going on over in IGS about a lot of posts being made out of character and breaking other IGS-specific rules, and this is largely due to 1. some forum users not realizing IGS has specific rules/customs and 2. someone made the observation that forum users simply replying to posts they see on feeds (eg. Unread/New) may not realize the thread is from IGS and must conform to those special rules.


Could certain UI/UX design elements be incorporated into the forums specific to IGS to encourage forum users to self-regulate their posts before posting?

  • Could a special notice or confirmation dialog box appear when/before posting or replying to an IGS thread?
  • Could the IGS category have a special, highly visible notice at the top (“red box text”)? Basically the equivalent of a TLDR bulletin, except one in which there is no excuse for forum users not to have read due to high visibility. Users should not be expected to read regular pinned bulletins since most are generic and unhelpful and overlooked as such, but a highly visible one cannot be overlooked. It could provide a link to the new work-in-progress IGS bulletin containing more information regarding the rules and guidance for posting in IGS
  • Could the page style itself be different (eg. different background image, different colors, etc to provide a clear indication/reminder to forum users that are viewing IGS and it should be treated differently from other categories?

This wouldn’t just cut down on bad posts being made in terms of lowering the number of posts that need to be flagged; since the notices (and/oe the other pages they link to) contain guidance, users who read the guidance can improve their RP as well. It is a two-for-one.

Just some thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from @CCP_Aurora and others.


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