A word of warning on misuse of the moderation tools

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’d like to offer a brief note of concern and warning to those people who are misusing the IGS moderation flagging system in this thread.

After reviewing our internal records, it can be seen that quite a few individuals who may not be associated with each other publicly, but very much are so behind closed doors, are deliberately stacking warning flags against specific IGS users in an attempt to silence the opinions of those with whom they don’t agree.

This is not an acceptable use of the tooling provided by the Communications Relay Committee, and is considered to be a breach of the Rules of Conduct here.

After witnessing this kind of behavior in several threads, this statement is being issued by the CRC in order to clarify the situation.

Not only does this make general moderation far more time consuming and difficult, it also diverts attention from other, often more serious matters.

Please let this message serve as a warning that should this behavior continue, we will have no option but to begin punitive action against those involved, which may result in the removal of access to the IGS.


Aux Aliette
IGS Communications Director
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly