Questions for Intaki Livestock Experts


I have Questions relating to Particular forms of Intaki livestock, and would like Information that would provide Answers.

The Questions relate to the Intaki Pygmy Water Buffalo, and their Suitability as Dairy Animals. How easy are the Animals to Keep, compared with Other livestock such as Goats and Cattle ? What Attributes does the Milk of the Intaki Pygmy Water Buffalo have ? Is it Suitable to make Cheese with ? What Forms of Cheese are made from it ?

Also are there Other forms of Intaki livestock that are Suitable for use as Dairy Animals ?


Synthia 1.


There is a Sani Sabik specific answer to this question, although I dare not spell out the details for fear of CONCORD’s censorship. Furthermore, recall that tattoo artists have been given over to destruction, and some tattoo artists are Intaki. I trust you have sufficent intelligence to make the connection in logic.

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She is talking about making cheese, not blasphemy! Queen Synthia is still probably a blasphemy really, if we are honest, but for right now this is about actual rhenu and oxe and I don’t know, whatever odd things Intaki breeders have done to those. And goats.

…goats are the same everywhere, aren’t they? They may look a little different but they are all just goats really. If they are Intaki, does that count?


Your questions are as unwelcome to the Intaki as your ideology is. Sod off.

Hope that answers everything to a satisfactory degree.


Andreus she is asking about the little buffalo, isn’t she. Everyone likes them, they’re in tourist holos aren’t they? She probably saw one and wanted one and is looking for information. That isn’t so awful? Taking good care of things? Honestly anyone who sees one and doesn’t want to take it home has a dead soul locked in a human body.


She’s a Blood Raider.

She’s also one of Valerie Valete’s forum sockpuppets.

So in this specific case, the answer to all your questions is no.


Buffalo milk is so thick it’s probably already considered cheese in some places.


I was born and raised on Intaki Prime and have never heard of such a thing… Though color me curious as to what it is.


Andreus’s creepy obsession with me is really rather off putting. What with the constant mails and obsessively mentioning my name in as many threads as possible. Very creepy.


As someone who was in your place… Good luck…:eyes:
I don’t even know what to recommend you. Logical reasoning doesn’t work against him. Ignoring him? He’ll just keep doing that.

Probably the only thing we left to do, is counter issues as they raise, hope he will disappear again, and praise Maker there are not a lot of annoyances like him.

It’s an animal native to Intaki.

But let us hear from Andreus the great arbitrator of what is true and what is not true about Intaki, about the real nature of the Intaki pygmy water buffalo.


I think I have a… justified question: just how large are they?

I think they make very pungent blue cheese with a mooshroomy taste, salty and fat, very soft so you could spread it on a white bun. I dont remember the name of it.

I have one advice tho. dont sniff it, just eat it. Taste is a lot better than scent.


I think they might be about the same size as a goat. Any smaller, and I don’t really see how you could milk them. Larger, and then they wouldn’t be pygmy water buffalo, would they ? :thinking:


I am definitely not a milking expert, but somehow I imagined them to be a size of a finger tip.

I’m sure @Andreus_Ixiris will agree, that Intaki tea, made in the traditional fashion, with the milk of the pygmy water buffalo, is rather good.


I happen to have a photo.
They are even smaller.


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I see this place hasn’t improved much over the years.


After tasting some of the Intaki Tea that I got sponsored for participating in the Federation Grand Prix I must say that I am tempted to acquire some of the Intaki Pygmy Water Buffalos for my home area. Anyone know how well they handle Hot Arid climate?