Intaki dairy farmers divided over Federal intervention!

News from the Intaki system reaches Gutter Press about a significant difference of opinion amongst livestock farmers on Intaki V (Intaki), following the Federal Navy police action to secure ten solar systems that were previously subject to the ravages of CONCORD’s Militia Act.

Intaki was previously subjugated by the Caldari State militia on repeated occasions, and Caldari megacorporate interests established significant planetside operations.

The dispute between farmers relates to the dairy industry built up around the indigenous Intaki Pygmy Water Buffalo, a medium-sized herbivore that produces the milk used in traditional Intaki Spiced Tea.
Ecological activists have also voiced opinions on the Federation’s police action and the consequences on the Intaki biosphere.

“At last ! We’ll be able to provide buffalo milk to the common people to use in their tea, instead of it being shipped off world by foreigners”, said one farmer from Intaki’s northern hemisphere.
“Caldari corporate executives were a major market for our luxury products and provided significant revenue. Without it, some of our farms will not be economically viable”, said another farmer from Intaki’s southern hemisphere.
“The number of buffalo farms built since this stupid egger war started has placed a great strain on the more fragile areas of Intaki’s biosphere”, said an ecologist working to monitor the equatorial wastelands.
“Ugh, buffalo milk is so sticky”, said a Gallente tourist.
“Hey ! Are we on the IGS ? Go Quafes !”, asked a Federal Marine, referring to the Lirsautton Cool Refreshing Quafe gravball team.
“Ma’am, I have to ask you to step away from the enlisted men”, stated a nondescript individual wearing a Marine uniform without rank or unit insignia.
“Fools ! I hope they are all Reborn as buffalo !”, asserted an Intaki holy person, though it was unclear whom was being referred to.

Reports from the State indicate that the value of buffalo milk futures has taken a significant dive on the financial markets.

Gutter Press. News.


Having been subjected to a great deal of self-serving narrative by State actors and apologists over the last couple weeks on the IGS, I am delighted to finally hear the voices that actually matter. On point journalism by Gutter Press once again, bringing a comprehensive collection of views from sources of varying importance.

I nevertheless feel a little bit let down by the fact that no buffalos were reached for comment.


They’re quite shy.

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I will say Imrik hits the nail on the head here their shyness is well known.

I will note however that the Cattle trade on Intaki is a hard one as I know from my own personal experience.
I really do congratulate these farmers for taking on what could be a fairly challenging task.

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Curses…I was wondering why my local coffee shop was adding a ridiculous surcharge for the Intaki Pygmy Water Buffalo milk option!

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