[K.C.] [hiring] Looking for Biologist/Animal Expert


We are looking for an animal expert / biologist for a consultant job planet side even if distant work is possible.

We have problems with an endemic species and are looking for a solution that does not pass by simple extermination.

We can’t give much more details on the IGS given the sensitiveness of the surrounding project.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them, I’ll try to answer them the best I can.
More info may follow after internal voting.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Khazad Consortium.


Ah. If I may? While I’ve had only the basic courses of study pertaining to biology in the course of capsuleer training, I have been an ardent naturalist from birth. I specialize in acquatic, brackish, and agricultural enviroments–on our grounds, we’ve many times had to deal in a practical way with the overreach of a tagalong invasive or too-prolific introduced species. I also run the Qerl Purser Hound Sanctuary, so animal psychology and veterinary medicine are accessible even if I haven’t internalized it all yet. I suppose the short way of saying things is that I grew up on a farm and on a beach both, and that I have a lot of hounds.

In the event that any of this is useful, I am at your service!


What kind of animal ?

Aquatic ? Marine ? Terrestrial ?

Arthropod ? Mollusc ? Insect ? Mammal ? Reptile ?

Kaztropolis has a number of experts in nonlethal animal control, thanks to Queen Synthias projects such as the Great Wombat Wall, and the Ant Neutral Zone, and many more.


I support and/or endorse this capsuleer’s services.


Hello and welcome Ms Qerl.

Do you have a preferred way of contact? As stated, until the board of our consortium agree to make public the info we have, we can’t write them here.

Thanks for your help and time.

Khazad Consortium.

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While I can’t tell too much, I will try to give as much info as I can:

It concern a reptilian species on a temperate planet of anoikis.
they do seem mostly terrestrial, even if some of them seem to be amphibian.

This problem is fairly recent, but quickly became problematic.

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Feel free to send me an evemail, Mr. Fallenstar. I’ll be watching for it!

Also, oooh. A semi-amphibian reptile? This sounds interesting. Usually the problem is figuring out how and where they mate, and disrupting that for a few consecutive seasons, but someone has already tried that by this point I think?

Regardless, I look forward to hearing from you. I hope I can help.

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thanks for your proposal.
this problem appeared only a week ago, so nothing have been made to disturb them. I can’t detail much here, sadly.

I will send you an eve mail as soon as possible. again, thanks for your help.

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Do you perhaps mean amphibious? Amphibian is something a little different.


no no, I did mean amphibian.

it’s part of the problem we have.

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I’m… very curious how a reptile would be partly amphibian. Do the eggs not have shells (and so need to be in water)? Does it go through a tadpole phase? I mean, the thing’s either amniotic or it’s not…


As I said, I can’t reveal much for now, and that the problem came to light only a few days ago, but early analysis do seem to indicate an hybridation.

As for their reproduction and growth, we simply don’t know yet.

That’s why we are looking for one or more expert on the matter. We don’t have such expert in our agents and wish to solve the problem quickly. We didn’t came to anoikis to lose time on such matter.

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Dear dear Arrendis, you fail to see the obvious as always; clearly it is amphibian, except of course when its not.

you are not far from the truth to be honest. It’s kind of how those hybrids works…
It’s not really helping.

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Hmm reptiles. Can’t recall there being any problems with those in Kaztropol. What is the problem you are having ? Have they swarmed into an area where you want to build something.

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hybridization between ‘the egg has no shell so it needs to be laid in water’ and ‘it has a shell’?

‘The egg has splotchy bits of shell stuck to it but it looks like it was just cracked messy into the pan’?

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It was an answer to Mr Lugburz.
As I said, we don’t know how or where they reproduce exactly.

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Wait do you mean some weird amphibioreptile? Or a semi aquatic reptile? Ie one that swims and stuff.

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The first one.

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He appears to mean (loosely) a reptiliomorph, though they haven’t been able to observe the reproductive cycle.

Presumably, they’ve been able to kill at least one of them and confirm that it does, in fact, have the same basic DNA structure as human beings, cats, every last one of our food crops, etc, so it would have to either be an amphibian that develops scales in the adult stage, a convergent reptile-like fish descendant, or a reptile that they have some reason to believe shares amphibian characteristics without any knowledge of the reproductive and growth cycle.

All of which means: still really curious.

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