Chat channel for IGS

Is there chat channel for capsuleers on the IGS Forum .

“The Summit” as well as “Intergalactic Summit” are channels for public capsuleer discussion. You’ll see many of the faces you see on these forums in those channels with “The Summit” being a bit more popular due to having some moderation.


Thank you

My brother Tom Horn receives the message unavailable Arsian Elkin , can you help ?

The only channel corresponding to these boards is called just like these boards - “Intergalactic Summit”
Easy to remember. All other names are deviations and clearly provide content not for respectful people of IGS.

Diana’s just still bitter that she’s not allowed in The Summit.


There are plenty of irrelevant channels that can claim I am not allowed here, this is neither relevant to discussion, nor to my person. I don’t even know if I am allowed or not in that place, for I surely remember one of trolls inviting me there saying I was allowed. Then there are other trolls, well known liars like Arrendiot who claim I am “not allowed in there”, based I wonder, on what exactly? Another product of your inflamed imagination?

But since you brought this cesspool, I say why I refused invitation in there: that counterfeit imitation of Intergalactic Summit lacks proper moderation, it has a team of incompetent “owners” who revoke and reestablish access to listeners not according to any set of rules, but depending on whether their somewhing scratches. Those, who lick their boots can sit in there and violate all possible rules of proper conversations, while those who don’t can be kicked without any warning and without any violation just easy like that. Respectful pilots don’t go in there, and considering I do have at least a tiny bit of pride unlike these bootlicking lizards who frequent such sort of channels, I am not even considering peeking in that cesspool.

But it is a good place for Arrendiot, that’s for sure. The more people like Arrendis talk in counterfeit imitation channels, the less they pollute atmosphere of “Intergalactic Summit”.

This part is untrue.


Thank you, milord! I greatly appreciate this.

However, it wasn’t necessary, since it’s just… Arrendis. We all know kind of ‘arguments’ she represents, amount of bickering and lies she brings to the media. I could easily imagine her making 3-4 more personal “summits” just to ban me there and say in here that I am “bitter” because am not allowed in there.

Oh, well…

The Summit is for those who can handle it’s well moderated denizens. I would not recommend that you strain yourself unnecessarily, pilot Kim.