[Suggestion] Restrict The Summit to Capsuleers only

While The Summit and this board are not directly related I still thought this was the best place for this talk.

Recently there has been an influx of various baseliners who, in my opinion, have no reason to be in The Summit. They have in one way or another acquired access codes for The Summit and thus have been able to both listen and speak in the channel.

I have always seen The Summit as a meeting place for Capsuleers (and clone soldiers) so I do not see any reason why these baseliners should access The Summit. They have no purpose there.

Therefore I suggest a complete ban on baseliners in The Summit with mods actively removing them from the channel in case they gain access.

-Mizhir Devara


It seems a reasonable request, while interaction between infomorphs and baselines isn’t inherently negative. It can be grating when in space I understand to be intended for us to speak to others of like situation. For interlopers to frame uncomplimentary arguments against all capsuleers or groups of us against a backdrop of moral superiority for not being one of us, makes the summit less pleasant for the majority those who frequent it.


I have no particular qualms with interacting with baseliners, and I have a good work relationship with crew and station personnel that service me and my ships. But the fact is that of the few fringe cases of baseliners having access to our fluid-routers has proven to be more of a frustration than a benefit, all thanks to the vapidity they have as individuals.

Basic information on simple capsuleer life leaves baseliners bewildered and they bring nothing to the conversation other than their trades or their ordinary mundane lives. I too have a mundane life when I’m not on active capsuleer business but don’t find the need to divulge it on public fluid-router communication channels.

And the less said about their constant peddling for our ISK, the better.

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and how do you expect to enforce that in the channel?

like, you see a random account of a Caille student, or RMS cadet, or just some self-employed dude. unless you do a research on them via some third party or they begin to flap their mouth about grr eggers hat eggers, how can you even determine if that lurker is a baseliner or not?

So publically admitting that one is a baseliner should be a reason for the channel ban? lol

GL with that. I’m against it (not that my opinion really matters)

P.S. also, grr genocidal eggers!


…Ok, got you an example

My sister’s clan of fish huggers got sorta pet journalist. (They’re kinda big in the fish hugging business where they live). The journalist’s name is @Taora_Teonsur . She got her lil bit of fame right on this forum posting news articles about eating bad shellfish . And got like 1 billion ISK for that as a contest prize, so ■■■■■■■ Arnods right now swim in money.

  • Question for you number one: is she a capsuleer or a baseliner using the wealth and connections of her clan, that includes my sister who is a capsuleer, to get her way here and on the Summit?

  • Question for you number two: if she’s a baseliner, should that person, despite her winning one of eggers’ hurr durr i’m a writer contests and overall complimentary behaviour, be banned from the Summit?

  • Question for you number three: if she shouldn’t, then the criteria really are that only boring and non-complimentary baseliners who badmouth The Demigods should be banned because you don’t like them. That’s a bit different, isn’t it?

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Speaking for myself and not as a Summit Moderator.

The Summit is a place of neutral open discussion. It has traditionally been mostly for use by Capsuleers specifically and Infomorphs in general, there is nothing stating it must be this way. It is broadcasted to many, there are baseliner groups out there that enjoy watching and reading the drama that happens among the gods. Some Capsuleers even have fan bases out there. If those lot did have access then it may be busy enough that I could see restricting access. However, access to such routers is already quite difficult for those without our level of capability and influence and as such there is no disruptive flood of people to cause problems.

Additionally, would this involve blocking CONCORD baseliners as well? Because as far as I am aware that is not possible. The CONCORD Communications Relay Committee has access to several backdoor options that such a ban would be impossible to maintain given our current levels of access to this technology. As it is hosted via their relays, it is subject to their rules ultimately.

In order to exercise total control it would have to be an independent relay, which would suffer as a tool meant to facilitate neutral and open discussion because such relays are necessarily closed off to public interaction.


Enforcing it will definitely be an issue, but it’s better to act on the cases where you can than do nothing at all.

Spare me of your self pity.

Wealth alone does not make you a capsuleer.

What people do for their own contests is not of my concern. This thread is about The Summit in which she does not belong in my opinion. This does also answer question three.

Thank you for your reply. It appears that we have two different views on the purpose of the Summit is so if your view is the general view of the users then I will reconsider.

I’m aware that baseliners enjoy watching it but I still believe that it’s a place random baseliners shouldn’t have access to speak.

As for the CONCORD Communications Relay Committee: They have a reason to access The Summit and I honestly don’t see an issue in the cases where it is baseliners who has a purpose there. Random irrelevant baseliners who happen to come across the access codes do not have a purpose.

It’s hard to exercise total control over anything, however that doesn’t mean You should give up on the cases where you can.

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Let’s all be frank here. This was all provoked by a certain bartender that exasperated several capsuleers present yesterday to disconnect themselves from the channel with her behavior. I myself have been found on the deep end of my wits trying to find common ground with this certain baseliner.

Said bartender has been told multiple times that a communication channel is not a physical location and that the exchange of beverages is impossible unless her “patrons” physically move to her establishment, but she continues the dellusion unimpeded by this simple fact. She even has confessed multiple times that her only reason to being connected was due to being on the payroll of a capsuleer in order to promote a service. She has proven to have no other knowledge of any domain aside from mixology, and makes every attempt to sway topic towards her sphere of expertise at the first chance.

I don’t agree with barring the access to baseliners to our communication channels, but perhaps we can ask them for a certain decorum to their participations.

Mizhir, I think your point is well made. Do not take my personal opinion posted above to mean that your thread here will go disregarded. It will be, and in fact is being, considered and discussed within the moderation team for the channel.

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Pilot Nimbelain, I am unaware of the person and events you are describing. If someone has been unduly disruptive of ‘The Summit’ channel please reach out to a moderator with logs. Reminder, if this is about the ‘Intergalactic Summit’ then it needs to be addressed to CONCORD CRC directly.

It does not. At least, it does not give you the fake instant immortality (though, the slow cloning it still might provide). But the true answer is that in this case you don’t know the truth. The person mentioned above can be a baseliner slowboating around in an used Wreathe and carefully avoiding any combat, or she can be a clan-sponsored Alpha. And without some answers from that person or her clan, or from the authorities and CONCORD, you can’t really tell who you’re chatting with until it gets to ship-to-ship combat.

I kinda totally understand your intention here to get rid of yet another kind of “toxic people” in the channel, but the only thing you might achieve is they’d just keep quiet about who they are.

It’d be just another boring and totally pointless act of censorship.

In some cases it would actually solve the issue.

Had no idea there’s baseliners there and that there was a problem with them.

We should let them stay, maybe we’ll inspire them somehow to be better.

Is this board open up for baseliners aswell? If so, I’m hiring warrior minded individuals to man my ships. Ask your nearest recruiter for more information! Kthxbai.

it was in the “The Summit” and have been going on for 2-3 days now, that is to say that I have nothing ageist baseliner dipping they toes in, but a little decorum does go a long way… this whole thing about opening up a communication channel without knowing anything about said ‘capsuleer’ channel is foolish, even my 11 year old niece would know better than to poke a lions den

Are you adressing my crew and me? :wink:

@Mizhir Why are you so uncomfortable about baseliners? Do you think you are morally more valueable or something? The summit is here for discussion and why would you want to exclude someone from it if the person follows the rules!?!?
Baseliners have their place, be it just to represent the general population.
why would you rather tolerate an amarrian slaver in the summit than some “baseliner” from your tribe?

I don’t like that this topic gets that much attention. It shouldn’t even exist to preserve the freedom of the summit. If rules like this get set up, what will be next?

If you remembered that outdated channel, I don’t think any baseliner really interested in watching this drama-filled circus. Especially after CONCORD has established proper “Intergalactic Summit” channel.

I don’t think any capsuleer with a iota of self-respect would peek into old channel as well, considering tendencies of its ownership that pretends to do “moderation”, masking under that a primitive unprofessional favoritism.

Not exactly, since you don’t hide your status and should be clearly banned :wink:

Banning furry ears at parties, I guess

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I … have mixed feelings about this idea. On the one hand, it’s fair to want a safe space where we’re reliably among our own class, and we can be pretty sure the people around us share our context and life experiences. On the other hand …

Well, first, I’m not sure such “safety” is even good for us. Capsuleer culture isn’t maybe all that, you know? At best, we tend to get very comfortable with our role. An outside voice is good sometimes.

Also, The Summit is a place I brought Grandmother Okja specifically so that she understands us so she can prepare properly to do her work. A Stargazer’s work ideally involves a deep understanding of her subject, after all. There are probably a number of other “baseliner” roles that can benefit similarly.

I’d rather we didn’t close it off. Somewhat more rigorous enforcement of its rules might not be a bad idea, though?


I don’t have a problem with Baseliners slipping in and having an intelligent, or otherwise interesting, conversation. I have a problem with individuals, often but not always baseliners, “drama-llamaing” their way front and centre of attention, or otherwise behaving in an excruciatingly disruptive manner just to get more eyeballs on themselves whenever they’re around. I believe rules, and moderator discretion, already deals with those issues.