[Suggestion] Restrict The Summit to Capsuleers only

I’m not uncomfortable around baseliners. I engage with plenty of baseliners on daily basis, however when I connect to The Summit I expect to discus things with other capsuleers rather than whoever flavour of the month baseliner who posts random ■■■■ there or advertises something.

Baseliners definitely have their place and I don’t mind engaging in conversations with baseliners. The Summit is, however, not the place for it.

While I do not agree with the slavers they are still part of the target group of the Summit and as long as they follow the rules they belong there.

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Im not sure I’ve ever met one of these people. Are they really such a problem ?

Dr. Devara is evidently more than capable of expressing herself, so I will speak in more general terms. Most people show different aspects of themselves based on environment and company.

In the past, it has been a reasonable expectation that in The Summit to be interacting with other infomorphs; people who can be expected to understand the rigours that accompany the privilege we are afforded.

It is a simple truth that capsuleers are different and in the face of these differences, if The Summit becomes a society not our own, it is likely some of us will speak less freely, others less often and others still elsewhere.

My understanding of the purpose of the channel is to facilitate communication among infomorphs of all allegiances, with the vast differences already inherent to that purpose. I find it difficult to believe that the input of those without enough common ground to adequately understand what it is to be one of us will be anything but deleterious to that purpose.


I admit that I may be speaking with some pre-determined bias that stems from my upbringing on Intaki… but if a baseliner has managed to go through such hurdles as to gain access to the IGS, then it may be impractical to even attempt to enforce such a standard. I might also suggest that a person who goes through that much effort may ultimately be deserving of the privilege.

Yet, even on the subject of aforementioned “drama-llamaing”… I feel that having baseliners on the IGS affords us as capsuleers a bridge to a world we’ve long since been disconnected from. It’s humbling to see trickles of the very real problems baseliners face and the interactions with capsuleers that have proven beneficial as a result, such as the situation that occurred with @Mossaf_Rumaita back in August.

Just food for thought.


I don’t disagree about hearing genuine struggles and other interesting stories. I’m against Poor Struggling Underage Orphan (that somehow got Summit access) No16 absorbing all the airspace with ever more outlandish claims of strife. That was a particular issue some years ago, these days it seems to just be a few overly zealous bar keeps apparently.

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None of that really addresses the only question that matters to the suggestion made. What is The Summit for? If it tries to be everything, then it’s nothing and not worth anyone’s time.


I’m well aware of the incident with Mr Rumaita. I even watched some of the investigation take place on my doorstep and I was thrilled to hear about the success of the rescue operation. However we will have to ask ourself if this is the purpose of The Summit.

Also Mr Rumaita had the priviledge that he had the connections that allowed him to reach to us. It may have been a bridge to a world we have been disconnecte for, however it will only be the rich or the ones with the right connections that can reach The Summit so in the end it will not be a true representation of the world around us, and we risk skewing the balance even more. If we want a place where baseliners can reach us, it should be a place where they have equal access.

Of course. My primary concern, however, is that if we are quick to restrict access to the Summit we may very well sever those connections in their entirety without a suitable replacement. I do not view local rumors and news articles as suitable. I would much prefer to hear the words and requests of baseliners themselves than from a third party. If ever we were to have an avenue with which such communicae could be conducted, I would as well advocate for tighter restrictions on the Summit.

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While I mostly agree, being that I always believed it to be a channel for capsuleers, I don’t speak in them enough to have any weight to my opinion there. Having a direct line to both my enemies and comrades alike never made sense for me to be an integral part of like many other capsuleers are.

People know where to find me if I’m needed.

I’ve found it’s much easier for me to block the folks with whom I don’t care to interact rather than expect the moderators to block entire classes of people.

Other folks like the folks that I don’t and vice versa. Moderating my own personal experience without interfering with theirs is no trouble.


Shouldn’t be that hard to make a replacement. Could make an ‘Ask a Capsuleer’ channel where anyone could access rather than a lucky handful. This would be more fair since in the current form we are just pampering to the already priviledged.

If you want to hear the words of the baseliners then go and meet them where they are. Engage yourself in local communities. The Summit is just as biased as thrid party sites since it is only some who can speak there.

For what it’s worth, and it probably isn’t, given my ■■■■■■ up relationship with all the summits, I have considered it a capsuleer meeting place. If it is open to anyone, that is obviously the moderator’s call, but to my mind it significantly changes the nature of the place, and it’s just a question of time that the fan clubs start showing up.


When you say channel,r do you mean thread…? I don’t feel the two are the same and each have their pros and cons, but for longevity… The IGS is still the better option in my eyes.

This thread is ironically about a channel.


Ah, I see! Summit - Intergalactic Summit; surely you can see where I might have been confused. Then feel free to ignore everything I’ve yet said. I have zero stake or interest in who peruses The Summit channel.


Oh hey, I somehow didn’t see this earlier.

Oh hey, it would appear that I’m being singled out. I feel speshul.

When I connect to the Summit I expect to be mostly among peers, and so far I’ve not been disappointed in this. I agree with the argument against banning baseliners entirely, so long as the channel isn’t awash with them. Sometimes their business intersects with ours in useful and interesting ways.

Where it doesn’t, and as far as I know that’s been only a few cases, some moderation should work more efficiently than banning an entire class of people.


Impossible to enforce. Whether we like it or not, the authorities allow them to access our communications relays provided they amass enough wealth, so they’re a fact of life. If you don’t wish to interact with them, just block them from your personal communications and carry on as if they didn’t exist. This has been argued over since forever, and it’s not going anywhere.

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