[Non Lore OOC] IC and OOC channels for IGS?

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So, I was reading some of the posts on eve-inspiracy and I noticed that there mentions of in-game channels for Intergalactic, both OOC and IC. Is this true? Do these particular channels actually exist?

Thanks in advance.

(Chan'aar) #2

Yes they do.

There are two IC channels

“Intergalactic Summit”


“The Summit” (much better moderation)

OOC is

“Out Of Character”

(Makoto Priano) #3

Hey there!

So, there’s The Summit and OOC and also Intergalactic Summit and Out Of Character.

The Summit and OOC are player-operated, and so are moderated to some degree, while the latter two are more recent, CCP-created channels that are essentially unmoderated.

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Oh nice. Thanks.

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