Roleplay channel

Looking for roleplaying channels, where i can roleplay as a… man… doing… things…

Anyone know of any good channels like that?

Intergalactic Summit <- “Official” RP channel

Check this link for more RP channels.


10 years ago there was “The Ice Pirates hideout” but since the game is ok for 12 year old we cannot have orgies in there anymore. Same goes for The Dominatrix Lounge". I mean a friend of mine frequented those dank and nasty chatrooms filled with experimenting adults.

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Pix Severus Post is very Valuable!

If you are unsure on where to start, Join Channel ‘OOC’ (Without the Quotes) and introduce yourself. It is a good channel to start with the community. A lot to learn and very helpful channel for the uninitiated.



what about aedaxus’ post. Am I allowed to make an R-rated chat channel for roleplay purposes?

Would seem that having a chat channel with a particular theme would be OK. Who knows how many uncountable numbers of player-created chat channels there are out there, at the moment? Two of my old friends have their own private club chat channels, at the moment. For old codgers. The thing about player-created chat channels is:
-Nobody knows about them, so they can’t read and can’t offend.
-Nobody knows about them, unless you somehow let them know about them. That’s the more difficult, and maybe more interesting part.
-This crazy game has a Meta-game, made up of people who like it/the community so much that the do stuff just like what you proposed. :slight_smile:

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Welp, since RP is the main subject of this topic, does someone here know a good channel to do some Sansha RP, please ? I need to please my master Kuvakei.


I have a furry Klingon channel. Mail me with your measurements.


That’s kind of hard to really answer considering how few Sansha role players there are.

First, hello. Depending on how new to RP you may be I would encourage you to take a look at this wonderful recently pinned post about getting in to RP in general.

Second, the closest thing I can think of to a Nation Loyalist RP channel would be the in game channel ‘White Morning’. It is an In Character only channel made by Sansha RPers from the corporation True Slave Foundations. While the corporation itself is currently inactive, many of the Nation RPers from that corp (myself included) are still active in the game. Though I am not currently logged in to EVE I am most evenings USTZ.

Third, lacking a real active sizeable group of Nation roleplayers to rally around if you want you can just mail me and we can chat a bit and I can give you some pointers and advice one on one. Other than that I would recommend following the first link I posted in this reply to the ‘So you want to get in to roleplay?’ thread and use the channels there to meet RPers in general both in and out of character.

Hopefully that helped.


I actually tried using this recently as I’m new to RP myself and most of these are severly outdated.

Thanks, fellow true follower of our great Master. I shall join you !

No, that’s an up to date list, I just pruned it a few weeks ago. It is true though that not every channel on the list is actively used on a day to day basis. Physical locations in particular tend to be only sparsely active, generally for arranged RP or scheduled events. The list does include some older, lesser-used channels too, but I generally only include those if they are unique, thematic locations that, while not frequently used, are valuable for occasional one-off RP sessions.

It’s also possible you checked the old 2.0 one, which is still linked in the in-game OOC MotD. That one was definitely out of date, and has been unstickied. I still need to get an OOC mod to update the in-game MotD, though.

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Ah okay, thanks for letting me know! I remember going through every channel relevant to what I might be looking for and being disappointed. Maybe I can use this now!

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I run and maintain a couple, ‘Masariin Gazaar Receiving Center’ and ‘The Red Paw Lounge’ are both related to an ongoing Arcology project in the Eugales system, it can be pretty quiet at times, but stuff does happen, particularly in the Red Paw, mostly drunk shennanigans. Fair warning though, If you’re playing a serpentis, angel cartel, sansha, or blood raider affiliated toon, you may be ejected from both.

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