N00b semi off-topic exploratory question

Hello. Technically, this question should be in the Recruitment center thread (or maybe in the Fiction Portal) but I am not exactly desperately looking for a corp, rather for a likeminded group of people to chat about eve_lore / (hard) scifi_books / films (startrek’ish) / own_imaginings. I understand that ISK, ships & tech is important for progressing and exploring the EVE but there are also people for whom ISK is not the aim in itself and who take their time to read as well :nerd_face:

Grateful in advance for any tips!

P.S. My EVE portrait has nothing to do with the real me - in reality I am just another ugly guy :see_no_evil:

You looking for roleplay?

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Yes, RP. But a sort of more scientific/exploratory/ethical RP (like Star Trek?), not blowing other pilots up randomly in nullsec :slight_smile: But not the strict RP thing - because I also want to be able to talk about books / films / all_things_SciFi / and sometimes normal science / astrophysics

Thank you very much!!

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