Looking for bookworms and dreamers

Hello. I am not exactly desperately looking for a corp, rather for a likeminded group of laidback people to chat about eve_lore / (hard) scifi_books / films (startrek’ish) / own_imaginings. I understand that ISK, ships & tech is important for progressing and exploring the EVE but there are also people for whom ISK is not the aim in itself and who don’t spend all their time “in space”.

My main activities are exploration, story, PVE, and, of course, learning. Might be tempted to do some anti-ganking activities in the future, though for now I am real bad in PVP.

Oh, and I will break the rule of not talking about my pet - just like Cpt. Archer (ST:E) I have a dog but it’s bigger, cutter, and more wolfy. And love it to death :dog2:

P.S.01. EU time
P.S.02. My EVE portrait has nothing to do with the real me - in reality I am just another ugly guy

Hi, I sent you a message in game.
Fly safe :slightly_smiling_face:

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