Looking for some fun chat channels

Hi there, anyone know any chat channels where you can just talk about random stuff? I’m looking for ones without any specific topic where I can just talk about anything I’m up to in EVE and hear about what others are up to. Gets a bit lonely in the vast emptiness of space.

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The two I keep open anymore are TweetFleet (which is super dead for some reason) and Hamektok Gaming.

TweetFleet is the ingame channel for #tweetfleet, a loose collection of us on Twitter with our Eve Online characters! I love interacting with the community on Twitter, not sure how you feel about that form of social media but I think it was one of the better things I ever did. Screenshots and videos share there nicely and some people really appreciate the little 140 character stories

Hamektok Gaming is a streamer’s chat channel that’s not totally overloaded (yet :stuck_out_tongue: ) and they seem to keep a very civil Eve chat and sometimes they talk about other games too. @Hamektok_Hakaari is the streamer who runs that.

Just a couple ideas I guess :slight_smile: Hope you can find what you’re looking for.


They’re on reddit? :wink:

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Yeah maybe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Every channel with me inside it qualifies. Be that local, or some more permanent one like Menzoberranyr :wink:

on slack, rather than reddit.

…I didn’t know there were those channels in-game. Thanks.

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I used to hang out in “TheIcePirates” channel. Very explicit language, 18+ but lots of great times. Seems empty nowadays :frowning:

I tend to hang out in the Spectre Fleet channel sometimes. Outside fleets it can still be very talkative and topics can vary. There’s also the Eve Radio channel that’s good, tho with that one, topics can be set depending if there’s a DJ on air and they are doing something. Aside from that both of those channels are good for just hanging out in.

Both really great imo. :blush:

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I haven’t been in a corp for a while so its nice to have a channel for chatting :o.

I guess jita local will have to do for now.