Regarding "Guri Hivaa"

I was not around when the hunt was a thing in eve, but i found them very interesting when i read their description online.
They are supposed to be some kind of special assassination force within Guristas, right?
Sound like a perfect RP identity for a guristas loyalist.
Just wondering if any of the guristas loyalists do RP as one of them.

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Not a Guristas RPer, but… I guess “Guri Hivaa” is something akin to “good Guri”, so it might be a catchall term for active loyalists, depending on how loosely hova/hivaa are used. I’ve only just looked at the Napanii glossary, so take with a healthy amount of salt and all that. “Saitsuo” relates to the title of the event, The Hunt, so nothing especially piratey there.

Sounds like it could be an angle, but mostly it just looks to be a matter of applying the Caldari conlang well.


You can RP as anything.

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“The Guri Hivaa are Guristas pilots specializing in hunting for very specific targets, whether that be marks to kill or kidnap, or rare and valuable consignments to plunder. The elite Guri Hivaa Rokosabai are the most accomplished among their ranks and are afforded the command of high-tech and powerful battleships.”

This is what I found on NPC ship entry online.
So I thought they were some kind of elite special force within the pirates like how Gallente have their black eagles.
It was a curiousity post overall, but thank you for your clarification.

You could still be onto something, since I didn’t participate in the event. I couldn’t locate that info out of game.

Still a good idea. :pirate_flag:

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Why of course you can!
I wish to RP myself as a former holder freedom-fighter once I get more experience.

I myself am a… wait, didnt we do this already.

Have we met before?

I have found you at the first post i made.
Nice to see you again.

Nice to see you too.

Unfortunately our RP makes us sworn enemies.

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