Considering the Blood Raider attacks on Sundsele

EDITed the above to state: There is a response coordination station at the main local police station at the port district, apparently; if you can get someone they might consider helpful on the ground, that’s your place to go. As far as I am aware, normal capsuleer restrictions for landing forces apply.

Well, there is a few guys who dislike the Blood Raiders more than the Republic. However, they aren’t exactly welcome anymore in the lands of thereof. So I hope there’s a Minmatar Republic representative listening in.

While a lot of them seem, for now, comfortable in seeing Matar struck, quite a few have only one question - “Will you accept the help of the Outcasts, shoot us?” before they make their landing.

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The city is kind of trad, and so is local law enforcement. Might… want to tread lightly lest you end up in a firefight with the people you are trying to help.

So we ask before we act.


The FOBs in Atgur and Endrulf are apparently gone.

I wish I could claim credit, but thanks to whoever it was who got there first.

I’ll pay well for any leads or evidence recovered.

A small aid convoy consisting of elements from NADSC and Cretus Incendium has arrived at the designated station for relief supplies. The Nadire District Parliament wishes to convey it’s strongest support for the afflicted in the wake of this callous and cowardly attack in the Pator system. It is also the wish of the Parliament that a greater concerted effort be made by the other Constellational Districts within Sinq Laison to assist wherever and however they can.

I would like to thank Commander Azazel Drakonis, Captain Akatosh Draconis, Captain Malcolm Geffen and Captain Oona Aldeland for their assistance in this logistical operation.


Khimi Harar wishes to offer our sincere sorrow upon hearing of this attack, and our devout hopes both for the swift rescue of all who were taken, and for those behind this attack to be brought to justice.

We also offer to aid in humanitarian efforts in any way we can, though, given the political realities, and our desire not to bring further trauma to the survivors, we pledge to do so only in cooperation with, and in the ways deemed to be best by, those with local ties.

Please let us know how best we may help, by supplies, expertise, or personnel, or simply by staying away.


Get rid of the Blooders among your nation.


Working on that.

I think we can all agree that we’d like it done sooner than is happening, of course. Especially all of us that have lost family to them.


I know everyone just wants to help but damn, have some faith in the local authorities. This is Matar we’re talking about, pretty sure it has more than enough supplies of every kind as well as police, rescue & recovery units to go around. Unless specifically they request capsuleer assistance in any of those it’s best to just butt out for us. Doubly especially so if you have no connection to the people living there.


Appreciated, certainly, but Deathglow attacks are best mitigated and resolved by a high level of specialized preparedness. We wouldn’t have it said that we hadn’t offered that support when we have, unfortunately, had so much available opportunity to develop it. We would not be remiss in our duties in that regard.

But offers are offers, and we respect the ability of those with close proximity to the situation to judge what is and is not necessary. At least the offer was made and stands.


The offer is appreciated in the spirit it was intended, but you have to realize that even if we wanted to, none of the people you addressed it to (“those affected”) have the authority to clear Amarrian capsuleer forces to land on the core Sebiestor lands on the Minmatar homeworld.

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Also appreciated, which is why we didn’t necessarily offer to land. Given how nervous an Amarrian face might make anyone on the surface in the best of times, and given why these are certainly not the best of times, we aren’t at all offended that such a thing wouldn’t be helpful. But there are certainly ways one can be of use without being physically present. We leave those decisions to you and yours, of course.

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The Vellastraan family of the Starkmanir Tribe will be donating several dozen tonnes of ‘ready to eat’ foodstuffs to our Sebiestor cousins. It’s not much, I know, but we will do what we can.


Let me try and explain the situation again for those who do not know the region.

First, newsflash: no one’s died and made me a Sebiestor Chief, yet. Neither do I control the local RJD or sit on the City Council or the Sundsele Circle of Chiefs for Security. Rhiannon and allies, while certainly locally influential and well-known, number some thousands of individuals in a city of, if you count the surroundings, millions. We live in Sundsele, yes. But despite some claiming we seem to think we do, we do not in fact own it. It is a city, and Mikramurka coast is a region, on Mikramurka, on Matar. These are not estates, or countries, or Holdings, and to the extent that there are Chiefs that can dictate such matters, those chiefs not me. I am an indie capsuleer that last set a foot on that planet three years ago.

Need a lawyer to draft you an inter-tribal trade agreement and security to cover the signing? Have a local trade dispute and want expert advice on who has prior claim or jurisdiction? Call Rhiannon. Want to offer expert opinions to the Sebiestor Tribe on how to handle a Deathglow crisis? I not very sure who you should call, but I am fairly confident it is not Rhiannon Legal.

Sundsele is also a rich city in a populated, high-tech world, one of the best developed regions on one of the most advanced worlds in the known cluster. Yes, a lot of people have died, hospitals are working triple-over-time, there’s still crazed killings going on, and a lot of people are temporarily displaced. But the population in general is not starving, or dying of normally preventable diseases, or without means of communication. The experts coordinating it can in fact read - even technical reports and scientific studies - and to consult their colleagues.

So far, Tribal or Republic authorities have not requested help. While the number of dead is tragic, there are a lot of resources in place, and Deathglow wears off in three days or so. While no doubt there’s the usual rabble that will take advantage of the chaos, there are no widespread riots brewing; the “armed people on the streets” are clan security and tribal police. This is not an Anath, and it does not look like it is becoming a Thebeka. I am sure we will be informed, if the situation changes.

Here is what Rhiannon/Sarinde (/Aubaris) has done, and can do:

  • evacuate our own clans and allies
  • look for our own survivors
  • connect misplaced individuals with local aid services
  • relay information about local organization
  • assist local law enforcement, eg in setting up perimeters to worst affected areas
  • collect non-perishable humanitarian donations, because even if they are not immediately needed here, SoERR can use them elsewhere eventually.

If you want to offer something else, you need to find your own contacts.

TL;DR: it is not for “up to me and mine” to decide if we need advice from Empire loyalists on how to handle Blood Raiders. (If it was up to me, I think I know what I’d say about the track record of their “expertise”, though.)


Understood, and thank you. I shall do so!

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I’ve received an update from Clan Chief Tiama Ramijozana regarding the inquiry with the Tribal Council. She’s in the process of drafting a formal proposal, with the help of our allied chiefs.

We Ramis aren’t terribly well-versed in Tribal legalities, so if any Rhiannon have the opportunity to look over our work (obviously not taking precedence over your search and rescue missions), we would greatly appreciate it.

Shorai Ramijozana is also composing an amicus brief highlighting the importance of specifically Deathglow payloads impacting a major metropolis, and why greater safeguards should have been in place. If any capsuleers with insight or experience in this matter would like to assist us, you may do so by joining this brief. I can’t speak to what impact it will have with the Council, but it is certainly a way to help.

Both documents are in process and drafts will be made available in the coming days.


Send it to Legal contact info or directly to me, and if no one else, I’ll look at it. I’m rusty af so I’ll try and get you a real lawyer, but it’ll be better than nothing.



I never were a direct follower of Sarikusa and a true member of the Covenant anyway. They won’t let me in, even if I wanted.

I followed Anya who was a self-professed Blood Raider, yes, because her relentless passion for murder and the chaotic abyss that was her soul appealed to me, and worked with the Covenant because when I was an outlaw, they gave me shelter.

Now Funk is gone and Omir decides that if Kuvakei can do it, why not. Never before I was forced to choose between the people who sheltered me in the times of need and my blood.

Guess what. Being a Sabik is being free. From any authority but yourself. My blood sings in me and it says who I am.

■■■■ you, Omir. I can’t really blame you - Minmatar teenagers are tasty - but I have to make a choice now, and it’s not in your favor.

A sad day, sort of.


Well, if we’ve got you back, I’ll count that as a win.