Considering the Blood Raider attacks on Sundsele

It seems that news in the cluster keeps getting more and more dim. What a tragic time we live in that so many planetary settlements both rural and not can be raided, pillaged, and attacked. My heart goes out to the Minmatar people who suffered a horrible attack on the very place their people call home.

Short update from Rhiannon:
Chief Mira, of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon, is among those confirmed dead. Jonis, of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon, will answer to running matters until succession is formalized. Information will follow. Rhiannon will not give further statements at this point.

On behalf of Chief Tarn Stjƶrnauga, Stjƶrnauga extends our condolences and sorrow for Rhiannonā€™s loss, as well as all those our Tribe has lost in this tragedy. The fallen will be remembered. The fallen will be avenged.


Me, Aeron Shaninn Rhiannon, and Masim, of Rhiannon, from Quildar, are accounted for. No further comment at this time.


Though we have our differences, you have my sincere condolences for the loss of your tribesmen.

If you need any of the medical supplies left over from the Kahah refugee crisis, there are a few stockpiles left, though it seems all is as under control as can be.

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Why is the Covenant attacking Minmatar?
Everything is very simple:
Catiz a good relationship with the Covenant.



The situation in the Sundsele city proper seems to be quieting down. There have not been widespread riots, and looting and civil unrest have been quickly controlled by local forces with some assistance from various capsuleer entities. I have no intel on most of the surrounding region; maybe someone else can fill in on that.

Death tolls are coming in and they are staggering for a city that has not seen war since the Rebellion. There will be very little to celebrate and a lot of relationships to reneg in the Midyear rituals this year. It seems unfortunately confirmed that an entire class of unmarked youth, some 25 individuals from several clans that stood ready to receive their Marks this Midyear, is missing, not confirmed dead.

The Blood Raider base from which these attacks originated withdrew before capsuleer forces could reach it. Other two bases close by have been raided and destroyed by Electus Matari forces, without luck in finding clues or survivors. We will continue this work as we best can, but alliance resources are also tied in the Triglavian menace, and thus we are spread thinner than I like.

News about the Sanmatarā€™s emergency powers and the nomination of a new planetary Security Co-ordinator have been met with mixed feelings. Many in the city feel that the governmentā€™s action brings hope of preventing such attacks in the future. Many also suspect that had there been enough support from the government to the tribal forces in time, this incident could have been prevented. There is concern that without proper inter-tribal law and coordination in place, the Tribal Council and joint forces cannot respond fast enough to fast-evolving situations nor prevent tribes from hogging resources from shared use. Some ask if the attacks could have been prevented had the tribeā€™s forces concentrated in protection of the tribeā€™s lands and question the benefit to the Sebiestor in the nomination of a co-ordinator that has abandoned his tribe before.

Rhiannon has no news of the clan succession at this point.

Elsebeth Shaninn
Of Rhiannon, from Rhiannon
Of the Sebiestor Tribe


Update: Aubaris Crisis Response

Local commanding forces have weathered the worst of the crisis and are requesting independent response groups to begin their withdrawal from affected areas. Rhiannon contacts have said the paperwork is being drawn up formally. As it is forthcoming, we have begun packing and calling in the most far reaching response teams. Two days tops to be off the planet; 20 hours if all teams get here before the weather sets in.

Local forces have been briefed at all steps on what our capabilities are here on the ground and have followed their direction to the best of our ability. There is still clean up active and the rebuilding will take months if not years. As this is beyond our response deployment, we are happy to make way for the local teams to handle these issues.

Final update from Sundsele.
Aubaris Crisis Response