Liberation Games Tribe Sponsorship Survey

Hello IGS, so I’ve been having a fairly good time with the Liberation games. I’m grateful and outsider like myself is able to participate and take part in the festivities. As well take this whole event as an opportunity to learn more about the local culture.

What I’ve found most interesting about these games is the option for any Capsuleer to sign on with one of the Seven tribes as a sponsor for the games, even if they have no prior connection with them.

So, to keep this brief, I wanna run a little survey for fun, I haven’t prepared this with any academic intent, I’m just finding myself curious to see which of the tribes are coming off the most popular with Capsuleers. Or at least get a general idea of where support might be leaning the hardest in this contest.

So, leave a vote if you can. And if you want? Feel free to leave a reply explaining your choice of tribe to be sponsored by. Either you’re native to that tribe or you’re some outsider like me and just went with whichever tribe felt meshed with who you are the most.

Liberation Games sponsoring tribe
  • Brutor
  • Sebiestor
  • Vherokior
  • Thukker
  • Krusual
  • Nefantar
  • Starkmanir

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Member of a tribe here, so easy call.


The Tribe sounded the call.


I couldn’t very well see myself working for any tribe other than my own.


I was quite shocked to see an Amarr flying with me. Even more shocked when he said he came from Domain, supporting my tribe. I guess capsuleers tend to be more liberal when it comes to cultural differences? Of course I left the fleet shortly after this reveal due to peer pressure of my crew… feels strange, still.
But I’m glad that people like this exist. I mean… it’s a huge risk for him probably, right?


Born a sebiestor, they consider me an outcast. since the Invasion, a traitor. I have lived life the Thukker way for as long as i can remember now. Never a home, always either on the move or on the run. I made good friends there, and they were always willing to help when in need. Now i finally get a chance to return the favor.


So, glad to see this survey bore some results.

And I gotta say I’m very concerned about the strong Capsuleer representation the Sebiestor tribe has behind them and partially relieved that the Thukker is just now starting to get some votes.

Little surprised Nefantar is as high as it is, underestimated how many would rally to their side.

Questions is where the hell is all the Brutor and Krusual representation at?

Do bear in mind that this board is rarely very representative of the greater freelancer capsuleer community.


I got to pick my tribe and never got to see any of the event after that, real life is obnoxious at times

Though it wouldn’t surprise me if a whole bunch of outsider eggers looked through the SKINs for the different Tribes and went ‘all black? DAT ONE!’


Capsuleers in general does not have that level of style and class. Whichever is the most garish and loud one will be the most popular.


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