I-RED at it again?

I-RED is an alliance known for past wars against Caldari State loyalists and major military corporations, signing blue pacts with Gallente militia and their propaganda, claiming them being “loyal” to the State on the other hand.

At one moment they have actually even signed in to the war like a real loyalist corporation should, but they are not among us anymore.

Moreover, today we have spotted two I-RED pilots trespassing into Black Rise and committing acts of piracy against Caldari State pilots, including murder. These pro-gallentean forces were intercepted and stopped in Asakai system of Kurala constellation. One I-RED bandit was downed, second managed to escape.

Our State has been assaulted and suffered heavy losses to Triglavian Conclave, to Gallente Federation - even half of our Homeworld is still under hostile occupation, our space is being often raided by dishonorable Gurista scum, and now we have an old enemy showing their face one more time.

But together we will overcome all difficulties, all troubles and all the enemies that will dare to raise a weapon against our beloved State!

Please be vigilant and report offenders. Even this will help us against invaders.

Glory to the State!

I was curious and looked it up.

They destroyed an unfit Executioner.

This post is over an unfit Executioner.


They have actually opened fire on me. I was in a maller class cruiser, they were in two harpies. But yes, they killed the executioner pilot besides the ship, so they appeared global flagged - red flashing. I’d like to notice here they have opened fire on me first before I’ve returned it.

I think it’s important to make a note here, if we study their combat record since they came to Black Rise they have attacked only me and that pilot - both being enlisted for Caldari State. Two out of two their targets were official Caldari pilots. And yes, I’ve looked up their killboard before making the claim so I knew they have engaged other Caldari pilot before attacking me.

A truly scandalous and unacceptable state of affairs.


I am not really sure it’s that much scandalous, Dr. Valate, considering they pulled that before. It could be scandalous if they were claiming to be loyal and engaged State personnel for the first time. For now - we shall just keep awareness: some things don’t seem to change.

I can’t call myself the biggest fan of I-RED, and I consider myself generally allied with Kim and respect her consistency, but this is a bit much even for her standards.

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Which, as everyone knows, is actually one of the few things all five CONCORD signatories and 99% of capsuleer alliances actively encourage and reward. I hear killing Kim gets you a bump of 3 full points on your Caldari Navy standings. When asked, one of their Admirals admitted, off the record of course, ‘that idiot just makes the whole State look bad’.


It’s amusing how well known enemies of the State and goon trolls try to poison the forums with their groundless accusations. Instead of bringing anything of value against us, they just humiliate themselves with such primitive lies.

I wonder when they themselves realize how pathetic and bankrupt they are and will stop using up media volume for their nonsence?

When we will finally have worthy intelligent opponents whom we can argue with using something substantial instead of seeing another wall of arrendiotish ramblings of made up nonsence?

Using language more suiting for a goon:
TLDR: Shut up, Arrendiot, you’re hallucinating.

Shortly after the Caldari Navy learns how to win a fight, instead of everyone jamming one ship while the others kill the whole fleet.

It meant: stop clogging comms, you dummy. I was asking for a worthy opponent to reply, not you again.

I promise, nobody here is dumb enough to qualify as a worthy opponent for you. So I’m slumming it for a bit.

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You’re still unable to compherend what you’re being told, you’re still clogging comms with your nonsense and you’re still lying about people who are better than you and whom you barely know.

Stop behaving like a clown already.

Seems like Black Rise is on it again

The thing is where is CalMil at right now ? . Ah yes they dont even fight now

I wonder why

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