Glory to the State, Citizens!

Today, 12 May of YC122 as the retaliation for continuing aggression against the State in Black Rise by pro-gallente pirate groups (WANGS, GMVA and INIT), the valiant forces of State Protectorate have successfully seiged and secured an important Federal system of Intaki, being a homeworld of one of major ‘federal’ bloodlines.

Now declared an “insurgent presidential candidate”, Gen. Julianus Soter, a director of GMVA alliance, known freedom cultist and pirate collaborator, whose alliance was pirating in the Black Rise, oppressing Caldari systems and destroying civilian production facilities, was aiming to reinforce Federal security and was personally interested in the system, claiming his desire to demand reparations from us for Lai Dai operations in the area.

It was clear he tried to oppress the whole warzone earlier this year, but we have stopped them and liberated systems back, not giving them even a week of control. The worst of gallente pirates now were cornered in one of systems of Black Rise, and we have used it to distract them there while launching decisive strikes into Federal systems.

Apparently, it showed that Gen. Soter would prefer to keep fighting his war of aggression against Caldari in Black Rise instead of defending such major Federal civilian center like Intaki, making our estimation of him being a mere pirate instead of “shield of Federal people” rather correct.

I would like to express deepest gratitude to Gen. Damar Rocarion and Sword-and-Shield alliances who made this possible and have brought us this significant victory while we were distracting Soterites in Black Rise, harassing them out of our lands.

Also I would like to pay homage to the Honorable Lai Dai Megacorporation and cordially invite them to conclude any unfinished businesses in Intaki system if they have any.

In any way, now the gallente menace and Villore Accords pirates have been successfully expelled from the system, and the Glorious Caldari State can bring SECURITY and PROSPERITY to Intaki people, saving it from disgrace of federal stagnation!

Rejoice, citizens of Intaki!
Rejoice, citizens of the State!

Yours truly,
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


Strike Commander, with respect, isn’t Lai Dai still under investigation from the Caldari Business Tribunal for overstep of corporate law for their last incursion into Intaki?

And it’s also worth noting that the last time Lai Dai went to Intaki, they left several thousands of unexploded munitions in their wake(or, Onikanabo did, which Lai Dai tacitly supported during the events of their previous unsanctioned invasion), I do not believe Lai Dai to be particularly honorable in this instance, and would recommend refraining from attempting to invite them back to that system.

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I believe everything they did was within proper boundaries of laws and codes of honor, and the investigation should show that.

Anyway, it’s not about Lai Dai or their business, I won’t interfere in CBT and Megacorporation’s own decisions and I will follow their guidance. This is about Protectorate securing the system from Federals and their pirate Soter-led alliances that were terrorizing Black Rise.

Perhaps so. We shall see, that in mind, with investigations still actively ongoing, its likely best to avoid bringing them back to Intaki, regardless of our personal beliefs as the process continues, wouldn’t you agree?

Especially considering much discontent that may remain amongst the population. Lai Dai did afterall deface and pillage not only important medical centers, but also cultural centers and monasteries, which does not really endear them, or the State at large, to the Intaki people in their home system you’re calling on to rejoice.

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So if you’re calling INIT your enemies, then you’re working alongside noted pirates like Snuffed Out, eh? Innnnteresting.


Meanwhile your very alliance, in a fleet under TheLastSparton, was busy helping the Tribal Liberation Force in the Bleak Lands by destroying Amarrian forces that were attacking Minmatar citadels. Your hypocrisy is staggering Strike Commander, and you are a disgrace to our allies in the State.


Are you derailing Caldari threads just to get likes from infamous dishonorable traitors and gallente propagandists? That’s pathetic.

Looks like Arrendiot is shining with her ignorance once again.
INIT has attacked and destroyed one of the staging State citadels during active Caldari operation in Black Rise. That had absolutely nothing to do with Snuffs, but little Arrendis knew before opening her mouth!..

As usual.

I’d like to think that those stories I told Mr. Tra about Aubenall IV’s signature Quafe Ultra-soaked pizza have made it to the megacorp slaves and scared them away from my home system, with them choosing to attack all the way down in Viriette first.

It’s a delicacy though, believe me.

Actually I believe he was calling out the fact that you’re so quick to call out other groups for being pirates when you’re part of a large pirate group yourself.

But by all means, dismiss a post because somebody you don’t like clicked the little heart.


Or literally any other excuse she can get, yeah.


By that logic, would this battle report, clearly showing Sniggwaffe as opposed to Snuffed Out, mean that we’re on the side of INIT.? Or that our having helped defend a GMVA Astrahus from the local pets of Snuffed Out mean that we’re not allies of CALSF?

We’re all pirates in some way. Not everyone in CALSF is ready to admit it, not everyone in GMVA is ready to admit it, but they’re not excluded.

Obviously. SNIGG is part of the Imperium now, haven’t you heard?


Everyone is part of the Imperium.

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Soter loses Intaki ?

What ? Did it roll under the sofa or something ?

No, it joined the Imperium. Didn’t you see what @Claudia_Osyn said?


You can’t expect me to read every post before replying to a thread.

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I’ll expect whatever I’m likely to expect, and you can’t stop me!


And this is why the Federation must be destroyed.

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You can’t destroy the federation, it’s also part of the Imperium.