Caldari offensive on Ostingele

Ostingele is in fire. Ostingele is under fire.

In a bloody struggle the glorious armies of the Caldari military is fighting to crush one of the last bastions of the Gallente foothold in lowsec in order to finally secure peace and security. This final effort major Caldari corporations have transported 14b worth of equipment, ships and armament to systems surrounding Ostingele in order to prepare for a long and hard fight against Gallente and their affiliates.

The Caldari Military High Command has allocated its senior FC staff and veteran pilots to the Ostingele area to capture, hold and defend key strategic locations within and around Ostingele.

Caldari military veteran and senior commanding officer Solarus has been assigned with the task to rally and lead ongoing assaults on the system, while supporting FCs launch attacks on the surrounding system on Ostingele.

On other front, Fliet has been captured.

For the State! For an united Caldari!

Lambda Thyl
Commander of the Caldari Protectorate of Viriette


If the major Caldari corporations can only spare a mere 14b to the war effort, this system will be surely lost.

No need to spend a lot Aideron is disbanding, and Joebane is focusing to make money out of his followers.

So technically Norman and co. + pirates keep faith in the system.

Did you just copy and paste your Fliet post with the names changed? Really?


don’t even think it cost 300 mill to take tonight.

Is it me, or is this just a standard Caldari post with the system names changed?

Not wrong and not right

with how fast they are falling templates are necessary. They lost three systems in under 20hrs

And the systems will be lost back to Gallente again in due time. The ebb and flow of the Militia Warzone continues as it ever does.

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Only three? PAPI should’ve hired GalMil to cover their retreat.

Oh, wait! They had FEDUP… and killed them.

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