Petition to the Intaki Assembly - A Promotion of Intaki Religious Freedom

Noted, it saddens me never the less.

I would note here I am also speaking for myself and not in my position as Isha Sainika .

It seems likely, sir, that the directrix and I have been operating under some mistaken understandings. At the same time I don’t think my understanding of the reasons for official disapproval was something I just made up (though maybe somebody did-- misinformation is like that).

Would you be able and willing to provide a detailed account of the practice and what it entails? I believe the directrix’s primary concern would be for the infant who is the recipient of any past lives. That might be a good perspective to focus on, how the little one’s life and mind might be affected by the practice.


Once again you jump out of your puddle into the mouth of crocodile. I think I have pointed you already that you shouldn’t try to teach those who have more experience under their belt, haven’t I?

What you are willing just to test, I have been executing numerous times. You already displayed your ability to rummage through combat records to find single interesting for you piece among thousands of other records. So why haven’t you prepared yourself this time? Because it won’t be just a single piece, I have quite serious number of engagements conducted in gallente high security space, either alone or in fleet. And I am not just talking about killing Federal Navy. They pop like ballons. I was killing outright capsuleers while Federal navy was attacking me, and Federal Navy couldn’t do anything to stop me. Yes, I did lose some ships doing that, but if you count number of ships I killed, I’d say it was totally worth it. I have been operating in Villore, Dodixie and some nearby systems as well. Intaki might look a bit more difficult than Villore, but more than doable.

And now after I opened your eyes on whom you’re talking with, I would have to decline on your offer of the “test” and your fleet. Because by this conversation you show that you have not even a slight idea of what you’re doing. Accepting your offer is about same as flying in fleet of same Mantel. Well, I don’t know you as a fleet commander, but part of my distaste towards Mantel (besides him being outright traitor - which is the most dishonorable deed anyone could commit), is that he is worst fleet commander I ever flied under. He had absolutely no grid awareness, no intelligence, no analytic abilities to realize what’s happening. He’s the one who leads fleets into outright (and quite obvious) traps and don’t even pull out.

What I imagine, your fleet will end in disaster. I don’t know about your grid awareness levels or ability to gather intelligence, but your ignorance is showing.

Attempt to justify your offensive behavior with either “banter” (or what I have seen more often - as “jokes”) even further shows your immaturity. It’s quite clear you haven’t received proper upbringing children actually do to behave in civilized, professional and polite manner. Nor you have displayed ability to take responsibility for your misdemeanor, once again that doesn’t depict you as a rational adult.

You have never taking a High Security system from the Federation which is the only way you would be able to topple Federation law within the system and enact a new system of governance.

I will not respond to any further meaningless drivel.

Aria, Please note that this petition is directed to the Intaki Assembly with the intention of making them reconsider there stance on the Saunp Dena ceremony. The Intaki religious practise of Rebirth is not in question here as it is entirely legal within the Federation.

I am however happy to discuss Rebirth.

Rebirth is the process in which an Intaki who is at the point of death is Reborn the process involves the transferring the personality of the dying person into a newborn baby. Please note it is not the same as the capsuleer practise nothing is overwritten though some claim to maintain the memories of there past lives this is not a given. The Reborn will grow and develop in there own time and learn new things however it is likely they will have a great interest in there past “self” and therefore become an expert in that regard.

Now what I am proposing is the legalisation of the Saunp Dena.

The Saunp Dena is a practise which adds a further element to the rebirth process but is more about procedural and communal arrangements arguments have been made that these arrangements put pressure on elderly members of a community to end there lives prematurely however I feel if the right legal procedure these fears could be assuaged.

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Well, what can I say… if you wanted to test actual capture of high security system by yourself, then you aren’t even an ignorant. You’re a clown.

I find this fascinating and thank you for your further explanation.

With regards,


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Ms. Kim:

Though I have not decided where my alignment falls in regards to the matter in question, I do not believe the petitioner’s request to the Intaki Assembly warranted such a response as you have provided. Furthermore I find your commentary and opinion to be uneducated in nature, combative at their core, and fueled by an unseen anger or hatred for whom I am not certain it is directed towards.

Regardless, I have enjoyed reading your infantile responses to the petition herein and fully expect more diatribe in the future as a response to my letter. I do look forward to whatever creative spin you will manifest in that I do enjoy the entertainment.

With humble regards,


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Mr Masseri,

While it is rare that we ever whole heartedly agree on political matters I am delighted to see your petition and I will stand by you in that regard.

However I feel your thoughts on Reborn our somewhat sanitised for your audience and seem devoid of the spiritual outcomes.

As an Intaki Reborn you are a few steps closer to enlightenment and with each rebirth you take more steps along that path the vessel whom you occupy is one in soul and spirit with you and in addition also is walking beside you on that road.

Some Idic teachings would suggest that the capsuleer life ends this journey but I disagree as capsuleers with each clone death and Rebirth we become more and I would suggest even begin to tread our own path towards true enlightened being.

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It’s pretty much clear you have absolutely failed to comprehend the idea behind the suggestion offered, and instead of trying to actually understand it, you blow up yourself in front of the readers, trying to justify your ignorance by “uneducated” behavior of your opponent, covering your inability to actually contest it, just like Mr. Masseri did.

I do have a question though, is your toxic trolling just an hommage to gallentean ‘masters’, so they can give you some sort of ‘social points’?

On the other hand, I think it’s better to leave this question as rhetoric and instead I’d ask you to avoid answering to me with such immature rants in the future, until you will learn how to behave as a rational adult human being.

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Ms. Kim:

As expected, you delivered the entertainment I referenced in my previous correspondence and thank you for it. Particularly the part about “Gallentean Masters”.

With Kind Regards & Thanks,

CEO, Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN)

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