[EVENT] Vigil Above Kahah

For over a week now we have watched the atrocities unfolding on Kahah III. Together all of New Eden has watched wholesale slaughter of innocent people. We have watched those attempting to put an end to it, shed even more blood.

This. Must. Stop.

I will be hosting a prayer vigil for those who have been killed, and those who are still seeking an end to this nightmare. We have tried violence, and it has only begotten more violence. I invite all Empyreans to this event regardless of nation or affiliation. The Amarr faith teaches us that all is one and belongs to God, so let us stand together in prayer or in silence to show that we are one in our hope for a peaceful resolution to this atrocity.

The service is scheduled to begin at 17:00 on November 7 [EVE] in one of the chapels of Kahah - Rocky Mist which is currently anchored above Khahah III. After a short prayer service we shall fly shuttles or unarmed corvette class ships over Kahah III to show our solidarity. If you cannot attend the beginning of the service you are welcome to come throughout the day to show your solidarity.

I understand that this will not be enough for some people, to them I say this is what I can do, and no it will never be enough to account for all those who lost their lives.

I would also like to thank Samira Kernher for her advice as I put this event together.

I hope to see you all there and I hope that we will finally see a peaceful resolution. [In game channel: Kahah Vigil]


I intend to be there.

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“Solidarity”? “Peaceful”?

How out of touch can you be?

The system is a bloodbath.

No amount of prayers and posturing in pretty ships will make that go away. It is too late to make a show for non-violent solutions. Even if all hostilities in Kahah end on this minute, it was still a massacre, it was still a purge, it was still a call for war.

You don’t have to like that, but you also cannot simply pray it away.


I agree. Just watching should stop. Just “sending thoughts and prayers” should stop. Get off your arses and do something. Depose your worhless leaders for a start, stop following orders and regime you know is wrong.
I’ve seen people saying that “oh, not all Khanid are like this” but as long as you do nothing and just watch it happen, you might as well be. If the Khanid people, if the Amarr have any shred of decency in them, show it in actions, not in empty words and pointless posturing.


Is it not possible that both are important?


Since only one of those have ever been shown to have even the slightest effect on New Eden…

… no, not really.


You can attribute any importance you like. So far well-wishes and prayers, for example in the case of Kahah, have achieved absolutely nothing especially in terms of preventing bloodshed, on the contrary, the inaction has only allowed it to continue.
If praying soothes your or others conscience, well, so be it. Clearly they need to be soothed.

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What grotesque blasphemy is this?

Those who are loyal to Throne, Crown and Scepter should not hear the hissing of an Ammatar blood cultist traitor such as the pile of diseased and rotting offal you say you took “advice” from.

A vigil is a holy matter, not to be tainted by the involvement of a faithless parasite such as this.

You would do better to follow the example of those like the Excubitoris, who well know what is to be done with tapeworms like her.

For Holy Amarr, Empire and Kingdom,

I have the honor and privilege to be,


Sa-Baron Chakaid of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Colonel General of the 19th Royal Uhlans,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III


I see you are in rare form as always.

Your lies will catch up with you eventually, Chakaid. The path you are on shall lead you only to eternal damnation.


But, she’s not Ammatar? This is the thing that has really confused me. She’s a freed Minmatar slave, who didn’t live in the Mandate, ever?

She’s not even Nefantar, rather Sebiestor.

I mean, she might well be a heretic, sure, but she’s not an Ammatar heretic. Just your everyday, run of the mill, heretic.

I think that I need to go have a talk with Lady Kadesh about things.

“Ammatar” can be either a reference to the Nefantar tribe, or a reference to someone of the tribes who willingly follows the Amarrians and/or the Evil God.


“All things were created by the Divine, and so the glory of our faith is inherent to us all;
When thine heart shines with the Light, thou shalt know no hardship;
When thine actions are in Light’s name, thou art immortal.’”
- The Scriptures, Book of Trials 2:1

Perhaps it would do you well to study the Scriptures and to learn a degree of self-reflection. If you were not so self-absorbed in creating your own narrative you would know that Ms. Kernher’s faith has not been an issue to any party other than your own. The only complaints against her are yours and the methods she has used, but I am not here to discuss that. I am here to call attention and pray for the atrocities that have been committed against God’s people in Kahah.

Your knowledge of Ms. Kernher and her background is painfully flawed when she obviously is not Ammatar. I would also now bring into question your own loyalty to the Empire as you are now attacking the loyal citizens of the Ammatar who were amongst the first of Matari to hear God’s message and follow in his ways, and who have never turned their back on the Empire to create a nation in opposition to the Imperial Throne.

It may do you some good for your own soul Sa-Baron to attend and participate in this event yourself and show that you are indeed a man of faith who values all of God’s creation and mourn the loss of life that He had brought forth into the universe.

I shall reiterate what I said in my initial statement. I invite all empyreans to this event.


That is very sloppy language on someone’s part.

Well, languages are like that.

You got a lotta lip for someone who hides behind CONCORD’s skirts. Drust at least was willing to get blown up. Your buddy ran away as soon as I started shooting back at that Aeon. And you, grounder? You can’t even manage to actually show up. Just a few rants here and there while you’re cowering in a bunker.


The corpses of our Matari Sisters and Brothers lie scattered on the blood soaked surface of Kahah III and you talk of a vigil and the Amarrian faith to show solidarity. This Vigil is an insult to the massacred in the name of your faith and will be treated as such, you have been warned…


Don’t. Please… I know this is going to seem a bit odd, and it’s certainly something I’m… twitchy over… but none of the Matari on those planets died in the name of the Amarr faith. They died in the name of Khanid power, in the name of a grasping, insecure man’s need to show that he would not be defied, and the refusal of the people on the planets to just die quietly.

And some… who knows how many… but some of those slaves doubtless were of the Amarr faith. It’s not like you get freed upon baptism, or something, after all. You want to blow them all up, go for it. But blow them up because of their support for a status quo that throws human beings into an industrial meatgrinder by the millions, with no way for them to choose not to go.

Don’t make it about their faith. Don’t make them some kind of half-assed martyrs. Don’t give them that validation.


It is in my faith that I find my conviction and moral compass. Are we not allowed to mourn and honor the dead? Does not the reconstructionist view of the ancient Matari religion speak of honoring the ancestors and their spirits and in that way improving oneself to some degree? You may disagree with my views, you may not like me for who I am, I don’t care, I can deal with that. But are you really going to dishonor the dead with your thinly veiled threats?

Come to the event, says the prayers you know in your tongue, join with us and show that we stand together in saying that the innocent should not be victims or collateral damage. Or don’t, use their deaths as a political tool to attack those who believe different than you. I will honor the dead as best I can and with those who believe as I do.


Some of us might want to pay our respects to those we couldn’t save, Arrendis, even though we had you at our side.

I won’t be able to make it to the main ceremony, but I will come when I’m able. Even if I’m not brave enough to look the survivors in the face, I should at least be able to do that much.

I don’t believe in the Amarrian god, but I believe in the dignity of small lives. If someone feels like killing me on account of my allegiance, my “support for [the] status quo,” while I pay my respects for their loss–

Well. An immortal can only be, as you say, a half-assed martyr, after all. But I don’t object to dying in even a trivial way for such a reason.