New Corp getting into the fray of Lore/RP/IC


Not really sure where to start our corp is looking to get into meaningful events/Lore
I would like to speak to any groups or corporations for General info of getting our corp into this section of Eve community.
(looking for consultation)


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Hmm. Well I suppose a lot of it depends on what sort of Lore and RP you want to get into. In most cases, this means doing roleplaying. The sort of roleplaying you will be doing depends on what kind of corporation you are. Are you a Minmatar Loyalist Faction Warfare PVP corporation? Then chances are you will be fighting against the evil Amarrian Slavers and the Amarrian empire. Just be sure to write a backstory for your character, what tribe and planet he is from, and occasionally mention how much you hate Slavers, etc.

The best place to start is to read up on the backstory of EVE fiction, including the four races, how they get along, etc. You might also want to join the Intergalactic Summit, which is the roleplaying in character forum. This should give you a good start.


There’s also The Summit. Find out what kind of faction you want to be affiliated with or what your character’s motivation is.

Also you can join OOC or Out of Character

I have read up a bit but, I am not sure how we can in corperate our corperation among other RP corperations

Maybe if you tell people what your corp does and what you hope to achieve?

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Good luck with your corperating! :parrotwave1::parrotwave2::parrotwave3::parrotwave4::parrotwave5::parrotwave6::parrotwave7:

Having kept an eye here for a bit, my advice is learn the basics of existing lore, and then build your own purpose for existing in the New Eden proper as an RP corp. Fitting the mould of existing RP corps and alliances is not a direct requirement.

Take the things you and those you fly with enjoy doing in game currently, and build a narrative around it. YOUR narrative. YOUR Character and Corp’s story and reason for being.

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