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Disclaimer: Maybe this should be in looking for recruitment. But I thought the topic I want to start is more general than that.

So basically, I am quite a fan of Sci-Fi. Read books, watch movies, play games and all that jazz. I always wanted to play EvE, because it seemed like an interesting setting. You are alone in the endless space, don’t know whats happening and slowly get to know people with whom together either gang up and take over other gangs, or participate in political/economical agendas, create a mining/production corporations or… or… simply play the game and become an upstanding citizen of New Eden - more PvE based approach.

Last night playing I noticed that you can participate in faction warfare, establish control and take over solar systems. I thought that daym, that would be cool. Currently i am in a relatively small corp with nice people, but all of them have their own things that they are doing, I don’t see much of a uniform mission. And it is oftentimes quite dull to do something together as everyone is in their own edge of the map.

Basically what I am wondering is - whether there are corporations that are active/sizeable and are focused more on the lore aspect of the game. Or am I being naive and everyone is working towards killing each other, mining moons and plexing their account?

I hope you were able to derive the main message from the text here. I have a flu and i’m tired.

anyway, let me know!

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You bet there are. Check out the Intergalactic Summit to see us all wearing our wizard hats.

There are plenty of Lore / Roleplay focused groups. You’ll just need to figure out which part of the expansive lore interests you the most. Piracy, loyally fighting for your Empire/MegaCorporation/Republic/State, political sabotage, the list goes on.

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