Lorebased player created corporation and empire/faction - have a read

To those who read this I say " Hi ". Could you not stay away from this post could you? That I understand. I would have been intrigued as well to read this post as well since it’s as good as never you see this kind of thing on the recruitment forums. Anyways, down to business shall we?

I am a eve player that had to leave the game due to my computer issues.
I have a computer problem that I have had for some time now and it’s currently looked at and I am trying to fix it. (Currently closing in on what’s the issue and what’s causing it)
So… (bear with me)
I have wanted and planed to return to eve for quite some time now and I wish to continue with my previous hard work I have done so far. Plus all the ideas I had I wish to make to a reality. Some off the ideas and goals might have slightly changed but are still there.
Most of the ideas and goals I had came from this character and for it’s corporation but now am thinking / would want to create a new fresh character with a nice clean history and create a new fresh corporation with it. The change is because I now got a job which I did not had previously. “Yay, gratts me”. I wanted to write my own story, maybe do a movie about it or something. Plus It’s always nice to start fresh.

So I have decided to pre-post and pre-plan-out the hole thing.
My character and corporation will be or try to be a lorebased character and corporation and create playerbased lore on the go wile the story progresses for my character the corporation.
Nothing is currently set in stone, idea-wise. And what am trying to go with this is that am searching for players that might be interested to join in on this.
To make a fresh new character as an old eve player or a fresh new player trying out the game for the first time to join in on this and create a grand eve novel with me.
I will update info on this post as I decide new ideas of how the corporation will turn out to become. So follow the post to keep yourself updated.

The things I have somewhat decided atm of the direction of the corporation will be like this:
Relations with Jove is close and we like science. Maybe had a encounter with them before?
We do not like pirates or piracy since we like trade.
Ancestors legacy and will - to create a new nation - legacy got passed down to present. Ancestors got enslaved by amarr. So we do not like them at all and eager to get revenge for our ancestors - slightly happy for galente to help our ancestors to get free. (maybe get into faction warfare?) Sov warfare.
We got a homeplanet (don’t know which one yet) PI!

tips or ideas for the story could be nice of you to share if you come up with any :slight_smile:

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