Any RR Corp or group of players?

Hi to all fellow Capsuleers, I’m a new player in Eden and its Systems, and I’m very interested on (apart from all the other aspects of EvE) being capable to join or find a group or Corporation hardly or middly focused on Roleplay.

I don’t know what else I could say, It will be a great surprise for me if there’s any, a cool one :slight_smile:
¡Thanks for your time and reading!
¡Fly safe!

You can choose the Roleplay filter in the Corporation\Recruitment\Search window and choose other filters to find a possible match for your needs.


As a Minmatar I don’t know any Amarr rp corp but good luck to find a good one.

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Its what im doing just right now, but, I see the Corps there are… les RP oriented than I though.
Also, I’m not interested on limiting my Corp search to my Race, I’m open to all of them, and when I find it I will make the story of why Lucia is there.
So if there’s minmatar Rp Corp, it’s not a problem for me to try to join ^^

perhaps read this subforum and message a few of the posters ingame?
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Thanks, gonna try. :slight_smile: sorry for being so new, EvE is vast… both inside and outside.

No need to be sorry at all. We all start sometime. Also, EvE is indeed very vast and nobody can possibly learn everything . There are players who started 15 years ago when EvE was in beta who learn new things about EvE every time they play it. The vastness of EvE can be intimidating, but is one of the best things about EvE.

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Yes, I have to say It’s vastness was one of the things that mantained me far from this universe… Until now. Now its the point that makes it so atractive to me. Its a very unique experience.

As with so much of EvE, it depends on what you want from role-play corporations.

For example, if I took your character portrait background as a guide, I might think to recommend Amarr RP. In that case, you might like to be in a (reasonably) peaceable corp devoted to the Empire such as Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque [SFRIM] which is primarily RP. If you were warlike you might join a faction warfare group on the Amarr side like Two Maidens Once Chalice [TMOCC] which is much less RP but has some going on.

Aside from the above recommendation to look at the Intergalactic Summit forum here (the in-character RP section) you could join the in-game chat channel “The Summit” (also IC) where RPers connect with each other. Finally, I might recommend looking at Backstage a forum for EvE RP discussion and ask there for advice.

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Minmatar Secret Service

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