This might be a long shot, but are there any role playing corporations/groups out there?

I’m a relatively new player, but I have experience with other MMO’s and I enjoy role playing in addition to doing all the other stuff in games. I did some digging, but I haven’t found any info about the role playing community in Eve other than a dead website! Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

Go to the Fiction Portal part of this forum and see if any of those guys appeal to you. The role playing in Eve is all over the place. At the simple end of the spectrum, there are people just claiming allegiance to Amarr and saying some trite pro-empire stuff. On the other end, there are people that talk about elaborate dance parties and other imaginings.

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I saw a guy advertising recruitment to a Caldari RP corp a while back and their used to be some RP groups in Providence I believe, Probably Amarrian. But I don’t seemuch of it about (doesnt mean it isnt there though)

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