Caldari Roleplay corps?

Hey all! Pretty new to Eve still, only just decided to start fresh after dabbling in the game ages ago. One thing that always appealed to me was the lore and history involved, and the blending of dev made ‘and on this year this alliance of people did this cool thing’ and player made stuff being woven in.

So, seems like a natural place to look for a nice roleplay home! From a pretty casual glance it seems the biggest sources of that stuff are Amaar and Minmatar focused, but there have to be some cool Caldari stuff out there too, right?

I’m fairly casual about what I want, mainly in it for a little bit of whatever, but I enjoy industry/market stuff as well as exploration a lot too. I’m far from opposed to getting dirty with pvp and all, though, this is Eve after all.

Seems the answer is no, then, huh? :sweat_smile:

you can always just search for some Caldari Faction Warfare corp

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