What are some best ways to start an RP corp with a *very* specific agenda?

I wish to go full RP once I gain enough experience, start my own faction and etc.
Even have full list of corp fits named like faction rats for it.
Example: Gallente Comet
“Orchestra Outrider”
“Grim Orchestra Outrider”
“Cerebri Outrider”
Problem is, what are some ways i can prepare for it in terms of actual experience and publicity measures?

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You should chat with some other RPers to see how some of us have done something similar in the past.

Try the ingame channel ‘OOC’, or visit the Backstage forums where other RPers gather.


I do the same thing. Catalyst fits have names such as Miner Bumper, Glory of James, and 315.

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As much as i detest your kind, i must admit you CODE. cultists are capable RPers.
And I am free to dedicate myself and my corp-to-be to fight against your false law.
Let me declare for one last time, for you will always reply with lack of reason.
I am no miner.
You are no paladin.
Your law are false.
Your so called savior is a blasphemer deserving perdition.
You do not own High Sec.
All of Eve is free.

Thank you for your advice.
I wish to build a cabal of Chaotic-Good freedom fighters with anarchistic ideals.
Still, i needed some advice on how can i find some like minded people, when it comes to pioneering a new faction.

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If you aren’t a miner, then why so much hatred of James? Open your heart and let in the light!

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Because James is a tyrant enforcing his oppression over others.
I believe players are free to choose however they play the game.
Just as you choose to follow your cult, i an free to fight against it.

Still this is not the appropriate channel for this discussion.
Let us move on like civilized capsuleers shall we?

In order to fight against our ‘cult’, you would have to engage in elite PvP.

As much as i want to comment on what you just said, again wrong topic.

I’ve been doing the RP thing in Eve off and on since '07. For a while, had a small pvp corp where we did the ship naming convention like you’re talking about. Here’s what I learned along the way, hopefully it helps you to build your project:

First, don’t bother looking for RPers who care about or will dedicate their play time to helping you build your dream corp/faction/thing. There are a LOT of players (I’d say most of the playerbase, really) who are interested in the lore and setting of Eve, who are willing to engage with it, read the chronicles and so on. But the “dedicated roleplayer” is an exception to the rule. Most players don’t consider themselves to be that. So if you’re looking for that in your recruitment, then you’ve got a very small pool to choose from, and most of these players have already aligned their character to this cause or that. They decide what corp to join based on in-character motivations, and they aren’t likely to join yours - mainly because they’re already in a corp or alliance that suits their character.

Instead, when recruiting I found success when I billed my corp as an “RP-friendly PvP corp”, with a brief and somewhat vague bit about the corporation’s theme and goals. I found that when I was trying to recruit specifically for a “Minmatar terrorist group operating in Amarr highsec via wardecs” I got very few bites, but when I changed it to “RP-friendly (Pro-Minmatar) PvP corp”, I got lots of convos and applications. Once they were in the corp, they didn’t much care that we were primarily doing NRDS lowsec PvP in the FW systems and wardec’ing highsec carebear corps in Amarr highsec - they got what I’d promised, which was an RP-friendly environment, and PvP.

Meanwhile, the entire time I was posting related content on an in-character blog and announcing stuff on IGS and my members could engage with it - or not - as they so chose. In the end, it ended up being a couple years of very good fun for everyone involved.

TL;DR -> Don’t be too picky in your recruitment, just put yourself and your idea out there and be receptive to anyone who’s got even a little bit of interest in RP (so that you don’t recruit people who spend all day making fun of you and your RP in corp chat) and whatever else you want to do with the corp/faction (be it pvp, industry or whatever else). And be patient - it won’t blow up overnight, but it’ll slowly and steadily grow.

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Thank you for your advice.
As for the RP elements, as long as the corp defies authoritarian presences from Sansha to Amarr, I am content.

Going to second the ‘RP-PVP’ thing. Focus on building a corporation, with the RP as the background, if you want reasonable amounts of membership. Coreli Corporation did that, if you want an example, and it worked well for them.

Ah, the Coreli Corp.
I am…quite against the Serpentis RP wise but one of their chief operatives have assisted me in starting my journey in EVE itself.
I believe it is very wise to follow their model.
Thank you for your assistance, I truly appreciate it.

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