Knitting trustworthy people who start Corporation

I just seriously thinking about playing in the gator being all together and my friends from Canada are just going on other ideas because they’re practicing and testing other live online systems are sites. and I really wish on Eve tranquility high SEC it would be a lot more people who are genuine in wanting to be a part of Eve and not just leave certain player couch. And not doing anything. is there going to be a new update on this and is there going to be a discussion where people will be sincerely and not trying to undo a corporation or even a faction or something of the military. because you can’t even be a policeman without being something of a floating in space to communicate anything. Other like combat digital flight simulator we have a hive and there are people communicating. Even if we are the enemies on both sides of a territory. Just throwing this out there and see what results I get.

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I kinda hate to be an ass (on this forum section especially)… but…


…o_O eh?

try to be clear. None of us understood you
If english is not your native language and you are not fluent, try to find some friends who can edit your post
If english is your native language…then…wow…

I could’ve swore you were Russian.

The scammers and gankers are a part of eve, and genuinely want to be a part of eve.

Just because you dont like them, doesnt mean they aren’t apart of eve.

I like to play in the gator too!

I’m not able to play, I have a system told now its not compatible. the GM told me,

If you can’t play, then why are you pretty much asking for people to join your corporation?

(At least I read the title meaning this, I can’t really interpret your first post).

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