Eve online tranquility

Hello everybody since I’m going to speak in English on this thing because everybody else is giving me ■■■■. I have a photograph I want to show you because it’s like every time there’s an invitation people are injectable on me. I started Eve because it was a pretty cool game pretty thing to get into and I also the science fiction conventions that come up every so often. Plus some friends that live in Canada who are experts at streaming. I also get some non intelligent people or a capsule there is on here. And they can’t seem to think that I do not have it any drugs or smoking. General discussion today is go back to school people if you cannot play fairly and treat others less judgemental and criminal everyone. Was this from a double alphabet keyboard English and Russian. Because you can’t write your name in Russian on this eve tranquility or any Eve or even Valkyrie. It will not accept it. I wish I had a galactic federation group who I can trust or not Liars or fail to report that they are your enemy and you are stuck in your station because your own people will obliterate you and later possibly to obliterate the station. I don’t know what kind of capsule there’s are on here but you’ve got to learn

Im not sure if you will understand me, but ill give it a shot.

You cannot invite random people to your corporation and expect them to join. This isnt russia, where everyone is forced to vote for Putin.

You need to make friends, and then invite them to your corp. Going down the list in Jita local will not gain you many members.

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