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Hello! I would like to start off by saying I am super impressed by the players in this game. I recently joined due to seeing a 6 hour docu on Eve and I was blown away. I would like to know what the established players of Eve think about the fact that people like me, who never even heard of Eve Online, are now joining to give the game a try. Tbh a lot of us will struggle, but any sci-fi fan can at least admire the mechanics and visuals of the game, as well as the lore.



EVE is not the easiest game to get into but the people who will like it will come to love it. Low security space is not safe and people will blow you up, recommend that you find a group if youre heading out there. Dont fly anything you cant afford to replace, it will get blown up. Dont get trapped by mining as a means to make money, its boring as all hell. Join a player corporation that does the things you are interested in doing, the game is a lot more fun as a group.


for beginners:

and some sites:

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Find a good corp. Others can help you with that.


I am giving you a month. Maximally two.

You won’t find any other game like this one. But as others have said, this is not a solo-friendly game. Figure out how you want to approach the game, then find others who approach it similarly. I’m a roleplayer, for example, but I also dabble in many other things and am interested in my gameplay being tied to my RP.

Therefore I play in Syndicate space, with a Syndicate-based RPer/casual RPer coalition. Just focus on learning the game, being brave, being persistent, being open to trying new things, and finding your people.

Once you find your people, you’ll be set!

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Hi and welcome to EvE.

You start out with a lot of information. When I started I knew absolutely nothing about the game, it was given to me (as a dvd rom) by someone who “had read something about it but had no time to try it out”. I had had my teeth cut just a tiny bit in pvp oriented games, ranging from textMUDs to graphic MMOs like Aion Online, so at least the idea of getting involved with a full pvp game did appeal to me. It’s a strange - or at least different - game in almost all its concepts. It was tough for me as a beginner, which is why I stayed, I wanted to get good at it. The total freedom, the deep complexity, the consequences of choices were/are quite appealing. Once I joined a nullsec corp, a few months in, there was no going back.

I did try to divorce from EvE after 5 years, but 3 years later the passion, which never really went away, rekindled and that was 4 years ago. There is nothing similar to it from a design perspective. You love EvE or you don’t. You have what it takes or you don’t. She’ll make that very clear.


We welcome you. You’re probably not all gonna make it, but we welcome you.


“Welcome! Hope you stick around. You’re going to lose a lot of ships – this is normal, as ships are kind of like ammo. Most rookies have the ‘numbers must only go up to progress’ attitude of wider gaming culture which absolutely does not work here, and losing ships will attrition most of you out. ISK lost is ISK invested in yourself. Challenge yourself, improve, and we hope to see you out in space.”

I’d never heard of Eve before I joined 2 years ago. Now I have 15 characters and am very active in the game. It is a struggle, but it is a rewarding one.


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