I invited new players :)

Just want to say I love the game, just invited my wife and two friends to play. my wife got on first and got suicide ganked the first time I was showing her how to mine and my two friends said ■■■■ that. Good job.


Why did you not get a mining permit for your wife and your two friends?


It’s probably better that they found out that eve wasn’t for them sooner rather than later.

Question is, why did you fast track your wife into a mining barge? Why didn’t you show her how to mine in a frig first? And why didn’t you tell them about ganking before they started?


Don’t know how i got the impression a barge was involved, my bad.

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They said “■■■■ that, show me how to shoot back” and are now looking to learn how to pew space lasers instead of mine?

Usually the first thing I show friends who are new to EvE is how to shoot and how to get blown up by real players.

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FYI they went and got one from some guy who types with the Russian alphabet (I’m sure it isn’t related) and then he blew himself up and killed them all, seconds later someone came by with the exact same name (only with one extra letter) came by and looted the permits back off them.

yea there was no barge, it was a venture. my point is they couldn’t even be in the game 10 minutes to learn anything without being harassed.

shoot back from instant death in a venture? how do you do that?

and to answer your question “why didn’t you tell them about ganking before they started?” well, I like this game and would like more people to play it, and to advertise it to other people by saying “by the way this game is full of impotent arseholes who do really weird nasty stuff because their dicks don’t work in real life.” doesn’t give a good first impression.

But it’s a legit question. You do realise you’re playing a PvP game, right? So you should have warned your friends the type of game they will be playing, where they can be killed in an instant, anywhere.

Then what’s the point of starting to play? If new players are killed instantly every 10 minutes from multi account suicide gankers while trying to learn the game why should they buy an omega account and give the developers a revenue? I myself enjoy the game but I will never invite anyone else to play as some of the player base are seemingly trying to sabotage the game rather than making it better for everyone.

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By not sticking them into a venture in the first place. Here’s how I onboarded my last two friends:

Usually, I first get my friend going through low level combat anomalies in high sec. I run those anomalies with them in a cheap frigate. I get them used to “align”, “warp”, “lock”, “shoot”, “orbit”, etc. After they are able to pull that off mostly fine, I then gather our cheap frigates somewhere, tell them I’m going to re-buy their ship and to expect to die, and we head off to NPC Nullsec. We fight someone out of our league ('cause everyone is at that point) and we blow up spectacularly together, type “gf”, and take the pod express home.

Both times, my friends complained about how shaky they were and how real it felt and felt the adrenaline rush was way too much for them, on a level they hadn’t ever really experienced in gaming. It isn’t just a mental stress, but a physical reaction in the moment too. Fair enough, they know their limits and to them this felt like “hey let’s play a sport together – no I don’t mean golf – how about skydiving instead?” which was way outside their expectations. But they have somewhat of a realistic picture of what it would take to dive back in.

Jumping a new player headfirst into mining as the first activity is, in my experience, not advisable, because how people react to that mental and physical stimulation is what determines whether they will stick with the game and only trying to mine is trying to defer that moment forever.

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I seriously doubt you would be killed “every 10 minutes” by gankers.

The point is you should have taught your friends what the game was like, and if you wanted them to mine, you should have shown them backwater systems where they could easily mine below the radar of gankers. Teach them how to be on alert and YOU as the experienced player should have been on alert for them warning them about potential gankers in system … rather than wait for them to DIE.

Wtf? Did you really buy mining permits? By this comment I can guess either you are trolling, or you yourself don’t have a very good grasp on what the game is about

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I am not experienced enough myself to do those things. I was just trying to teach her to target and use modules and then ganked. how does that get new players?

Great, another anti-Gank thread :roll_eyes:

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I’m not an experienced player.

its not anti-Gank, its anti-not wanting to play alone because of dickless wankers in hi sec. thread

I agree, HiSec is for Dickless wankers… where did you play, HiSec, right ?

which is anti ganking.

why didnt you have them go through the tutorial/career agents to be safe for a few days and learn more about the game before fasttracking them into mining ships and permits etc.

I was invited to play 11 years ago, and first thing my friends told me to get through the career agents before i tried to go fly with them. that way id get some basic idea of game mechanics.


lol “Wtf? Did you really buy mining permits?” by that comment I can guess your a hermit.

By the looks of the forum your the only person with positive input and sense of reality :slight_smile: , Don’t get me wrong I love Eve but the idea of me inviting anyone to the game, even with the incentive of 1M skill points could just end up so embarrassing that its not worth it. If you could offer any help in game it would be appreciated. Thanks.