Would anyone like to join my Corporation?

Hi I am trying to get members to join my corporation RADDD. I am new to EVE Online and would like members to help me learn how to make money in EVE Online and anyone who would join my corporation to learn how too. I never did a worm hole in the game and would also be interested for members to show me how to do it. Thankyou.

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Not saying I don’t respect what you are trying to do (here’s the but), but…most people join a corp to learn the game, not start one.

Baby steps, brother. Baby steps.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I understand that but I still want to do both.

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Well I support you in your venture. Good luck.

I’ll join you’re Corp with an alt if you let me wardec miner corps, I’ll provide the isk for decs. Do you like catalysts?

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