Need a buddy to make a corp

hi i need a buddy that has omega so the corp can hold over 20 members if any other apply to this pls comment how i can make a corp and get 20 members whitout omega thanks

Not sure if they are still active but some people offer very affordable corp member limit maximization service. I myself used such service when creating my corp and it went without issue. Make sure not to have any corporate property when you grant access to the service provider just in case.

Edit: He seems still being active…

Costs 5 mil ISK so pocket change even for a new player.

Edit2: Oh it seems he stopped posting since Oct. 27. last year so not sure if he is still active but worth dropping him an EVEmail. If not others might be providing similar services.

Bottom fell out of the market since standings are no longer needed to anchor or use jumpclones. :frowning:

Feel free to join Ishwara. A new corp with an omega CEO. Contact me if you like the corps values and goals.

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