[SERVICE] Corporation / Alliance Creation, Upgrades & PreMade Corporations

Corporation / Alliance creation and upgrade services are available now from my corp “Corporation Management Services”.

Here are my skills to prove max Corporation creation: EveSkillBoard

Current Prices:
• 10,000,000 ISK - Corporation Creation (12,600 Members)
• 10,000,000 ISK - Update an Existing Corporation’s Member Limit to 12,600 Members
• 20,000,000 ISK - Alliance Creation
• 35,000,000 ISK - Corporation Creation plus Alliance Creation
• FREE - Member Limit Update for an existing Corporation when founding an Alliance

It will be your responsibility to check that the Corporation / Alliance name and tickers are available before creation.

The following Registration fees charged by CCP will be covered by you

• 1,599,800 ISK - Corporation Registration Fee
• 1,000,000,000 ISK - Alliance Registration Fee

You can contract us here on the forums or using the in-game channel called: CM Services

Below is a list of Corporations for sale, all with max of 12,600 members.
Care Bear Syndicate
Doomsday Dragoons
Reactive Meltdown
Flat Eden Society
Deaths Gambit
Elite Waffle Squad
Bloodthirsty Meerkats
Hellfire Apocalypse
Assassins of the Weak

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