Corp Permissions

(Racconccity Revan) #1

Being alpha the maximum number of people that I can have in my corp is 20, but his other one of the corp is omega and I give him permissions can improve the corp to be able to put more people?
Thanks in advance


(lost packet) #2

You can have a character with better corp skills become CEO and bump the corp stats, then return the original character back to CEO.

(Racconccity Revan) #3

But I mean another member of the corp, not another character who is mine

(lost packet) #4

You’ll have to hand CEO over to the person with the skills, only the CEO can bump corp attributes.

(Racconccity Revan) #5

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Eobarness) #6

what time zone you fly>?

(Shriven Intaki) #7

Hey @Racconccity_Revan, that is something I do as a Service - [Service] Corporation/Alliance Management

Let me know if you’re in need?

(Racconccity Revan) #8

Thank you but I have a friend who can help improve curp, and I’m already in an alliance

(Racconccity Revan) #9

I guess you mean the time zone I belong to, Madrid

(Eobarness) #10

a bueno entonces cuando quieres jugamos un poco