Hello Naari Naarian.

I am not a ceo or an alliance leader atm. But with given time I will be.
I have been a ceo before (with another character) with good foundations of great ideas that could have ended up with great content and a great alliance. But alas I had computer problems (and still do) so I had to leave the game. Now I have come back to the game again with yet another great idea (on another somewhat old computer I use as I am currently fixing my other computer). I have started fresh and are in the process of making this idea come true.
The ideas I have is still under construction but I have somewhat of a guideline.
I don’t know if these ideas and policies I have in mind might be interesting to you or those you represent as a ceo, but it’s worth a shot of giving you the awareness of it. That way I can at least say I tried.

And for your requirements I would say I can meet them all except number 2. If you look past that I do not own an alliance atm nor a corp. BUT the ideas are there.

So give me a shot if you are still seeking an alliance and let’s have a discussion on discord, as I have given you a shot to participate in this idea of mine.

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