Looking for a corporation leader to invest in (with an existing corp or to start a new one)

Hi there,

first of all, even if it’s actually clear, this is of course just an alt of mine.

I am looking for a reliable and experienced corp leader with an existing corp or to start a new one.
You are free to lead and run the corp as you want, the only requirement is, that it intends to make profit and also to increase it step by step. A share of the profit then goes to the alliance, which the corp has to join.

What you provide:

  • A vision or idea you want to achieve with the corp
  • Longterm motivation
  • Experience in leading a corp is a plus (its totally ok, if an alt of you is leading a corp or your char is already leading a corp and you want to join the program with this corp)
  • A discord account, as it will be the main communication channel

What I provide:
The financial basement. I will pay for ships, stations, fuel and other costs. This should allow a fast grow of the corp.
As I mentioned above, the corporation should have the task to make profit. This surely can’t be done in the start up phase, be this target needs to be in mind all the time.

How it works:

  • The corp needs to join a defined alliance
  • The CEO of the Corp will be an alt of mine (only to prevent scam)
  • You will be the director with all rights, the CEO alt will do nothing

So basically it’s an investment business.

If you like the idea and have plan how to build up a corporation or if you have further question, please contact this character “The Teller” via EVEMail ingame or directly here under this post and share your vision/idea and your discord contact.

Thanks for your time to read this post and I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards

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