Forming a Corporation


I am looking to form a corporation. The structure will be a bit different than most as I am trying to balance the need for strong central authority with the desire for everyone having a say. Also I am trying to throw a bit of RP into the mix.

Basically there will be no tax rate on a corporate level. There will however be up to 7 leaders including myself as CEO. Each leader will be the head of a clan which will be responsible for all aspects of that clan which will be fully defined by them. Also each clan leader will get 1 vote in a leading council and will have to pay Corporate dues each month. Each member will be required to be in a clan within the corp.

Right now I am looking for leaders that would want to help me form a corp in this structure.

Reply here or send me an in game message.

Hi, i might have what you want ish. Have a look → Discord

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