Looking for a recruiter

Our Corp is looking to expand with new members.
We are looking for and will pay a recruiter to help us expand our Corp.

Message me in game or reply to this if you are interested and we can discuss price, terms and conditions, etc.


Hello there!

I could potentially be interested. Please feel free to reach out on discord (Davak Kateelo#4477), which is my preferred method of communication. Otherwise, please respond on the forums as I may not be able to respond in game today.

A free piece of advice is that building a legitimate corp takes time will also take a lot of commitment on the part of your leadership. Leadership will have to invest enough time in game that Eve may start feeling like a second job. It’s important to realistically balance your expansion goals with how much time your leadership will actually be online playing the game.

That said, I would like to know more about your corp: What do you guys do or want to do; what is your specialty/focus that sets you apart from other corps (ie, “why should I join your corp instead of someone else’s?”); what are your corps long term and short term goals; what does your ideal recruit look like; What doctrines do you fly; what recruitment methods have you already tried, etc… As you can see there’s a ton of information a legit recruiter needs to understand the situation and be able to recruit effectively. I have some initial thoughts from looking at your corp’s killboard and evewho.

In addition for myself I am curious what you are offering as compensation, and how you would measure success.

I look forward to hearing from you on Discord or here on the forums!

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