Looking for a corp recruiter

Does anyone want to become my recruiter for every 10 people the recruiter will receive 80 million isk. Must be in our corp though. they must also be in the corp for over 2 weeks and simi active. The recruiter must also be fine with answering questions from the player who wants to join the corp or has joined and wants to know more about it

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So someone needs to join your corp, create random characters and recruit them to you corp, and they get 80m for every 10 characters they create?

that are active I would be fine with it

Define “active”. Sounds like additional criteria that should be in your original post.

TBH recruiting just for the numbers rarely results in active and engaged corp members joining.

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changed it

Probably better if you designate that role to one or more of your Corpmates…

been trying

Well, keep trying and don’t give up…

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I could be tempted - shoot me a note in game and we can discuss

okay give me a seconed

sent you a mail

Still looking for a recruiter?

yes i am

Do you have a discord?

yes give me a bit though

all g, just shoot me an ingame with the link

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