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So no idea where this goes but while playing armored core & it got me thinking how cool it would be if we could create our own custom ships, Take ideas from MGS V’s weapon weapon smith where you can mix and match barrels, stocks etc even if it crosses weapon types, Giving us a option to create our own ships from hulls, parts from other ships, Possibly break down a ship & getting access to those parts as consumables, Creating unique ships

I think EVE is complicated enough without adding this sort of shenanigans into the mix.

The set ships also allow ccp to make changes to hulls as needed is one particular ship or ship class is too strong.

They did this recently with sweeping changes to Heavy Assault Cruisers. Some years ago, they had to reign in the Ishtar as the game had become Ishtars Online: The Game of Drones.

More cosmetic options, sure. Actually choosing hull role and /lvl bonuses? That’s going to lead to some pretty wild and overpowered fleet doctrines that will be very difficult to even attempt to balance.

Edit: there’s already a mountain of options for choosing a viable fit for pretty much any ship. There’s a wide range of ship options already available, so most of what your proposing is already possible if you look hard enough at the hulls and their fitting traits.

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Check out Tech 3 Cruisers, choosing their subsystems is the closest to your idea


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you’re better off addressing the server outage

Drew is an ISD, not a server hamster herder.
ISDs are volunteers, not paid ccp employees.

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What on earth is a hamster herder? what are you even talking about?

An ongoing meme in EVE is that the servers are powered by hamsters running in their little hamster wheels.

A hamster herder is one who tends and cares for the hamsters to keep Tranquillity online so we can indulge in honorabru space pixel slaughter.

In any event, ISD Drew is not responsible for the servers. They cannot access the servers or do anything about the state thereof.

They do not work for CCP. They are a volunteer member of the community, donating their time and effort to help moderate the forums.

Be nice to the ISDs, is what I’m getting at.

I would more say they are running it on either blackberry 8520/iphones or worse, on ubisoft servers

A while back I made a post about an interior designer which purpose would primarily be to have a custom interior layout for the shooter adjacent gameplay. However, this could dovetail into the op’s suggestion by allowing the positioning of extra ship parts into the hull space during construction.

You wouldn’t be able to repackage the ship, and it would show up with an asterisk next to the name of the ship model you’re using, like so: DefaultShipHull in the overview and Dscan. This could also allow for player ship builder corporations to come into being.

Maybe once the walking in station stuff comes online, the corp offices could have some shops to sell specialized equipment like this.

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