Player created ship lines

find a way of creating mechanical balance in the game between the ship groups and allow players to do epic length research arcs to be able to develop their own ship (this is basically allowing used of a range of pre-selected models and stat types)

this way corporations and alliances can even have their own home brew ship

you would probably want to make it a faction level ship for the purposes of simply being cool to fly and alpha friendly, everyone can get invovled and go cruising.

what could possible go wrong if you do this …

very very bad idea …

Youll learn. 90% of all his “ideas” are bad

i would say 99% of his ideas … and the 1% olf “good ideas” are stolen from other ppl xD

I had a thought in the past that it would be cool to swap out internals on a ship which would change it’s stats and bonuses, kind of like in one of those plethora of mechanic games.

It would be nearly impossible to balance though, so, probably not something for EVE.

Still, kind of a fun thing to fanaticize about.

would be a cool feature but not for eve ! like most of the ideas in this forum ! if they are ■■■■ then they are ■■■■ for eve … not ■■■■ in general xD ( sometimes still in general :wink: )

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