Moar ships, industrial version

I loved getting new ships with the updates of old, and the triglavvian expantion was another great one for that, but i feel there could be more.

So the idea is more ships, but roughly in line with the standard modles. E.g. industrials, from other factions or sub factions of the empires. Rougly the same stats as existing ones, but different for us that like shiney new stuff. Mainly Omega based, and to make things a bit easier, kitbaching of current modles would be great too. Fir instance taking cruser parts and adding them to the hoarder to make a diferent industrial, maybe with some of the stats of the gallantie ones.

Similarly, triglavian and encom industrials. Maybe even give us that Jove industrial ive been dreaming of since 2005. yes i know the removed the stuff, but they still have, some spit and shine, ducktape and jb weld and you have a salvaged industrial bluepring that could be found in dead jovian relic sites…

What do people thingk about flying more shineynesses, and if ytou could have more ships what would you want that dosent break the game?

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I don’t buy over-simplistic arguments based on “it’s gonna break the game”. Moar ships could be added without a problem. Industrials, combat, carriers, tougher corvettes with more guns and shields and hull reinforcements…


wel all love the shineys, i just always wanted the jove industrial.

but other ideas is more factions having ships. they are dirrerent but based on the same thing so you dont have to worry about balence if the thing exists already. also makes casials wanna spend more :stuck_out_tongue:

but you could also go with a juncker or scrap faction. stuff thats worse in every way but cheaper. ‘the salvager faction’ like ORE but with no fixed abode

Something to bridge the gap between haulers and freighters couldn’t hurt…


yeah that would be cool!

i always thought a battle ship sized bowmark that could haul 2 or 3 crusers would be good, i use to run storylines alot, and that would have been useful!

Something battlecruiser or battleship size that could haul maybe 100,000-200,000m3 (max). Bit more maneuverable than a freighter but not as much as a hauler.

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More ships is always a good thing and the empires don’t nearly have enough veriety. It’s futile to balance anything in the game and I don’t think it’s the point judging from what I’ve seen so far. Hardly anything is balanced anyway.

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theres always going to be unbalence in a system with ths many variable, but they do their best, and thats why i can no longer speed tank at 27000 in my vexor with 25 drones out like the good old days :smiley:

just incase anyone isint familiar, that was an actual thing at one point back in 2005/6

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I have no doubt they work very hard. They should all get a 7% pay raise across the board. And Vanguard looks very promising, too. Hopefully they will figure out a way for players to land their spaceships on planets surface one day.
There’s thousands of stuff to balance with certain criterias that it makes a 100% balanced EVE an illusion at best.
But there is no reason not to introduce Jove-style industrials or even superfreighters as big as titans, nigh impossible to destroy but with a fully complete
armada. Those ships could have turret bonuses, able to equip both combat and mining turrets, cloak and 5.5 warp speed, -90% jump fatigue… A true star-class freighter.

see this is why its a great idea to kick things arounf the communitry, im here thingking a few extra ships, that are sort of equivelant and you suggest super freighters. Im not dissing the idea, its a great one, id just nevet have though that big.

while i was thinking about htis i also though of cargo varients of the standard fighters, e.g. frigates crusers etc, so for example you have a frigate slot layout and stats, but a cruser mass and handeling. and up the cargo capacity to half or a third that of an industrial. a transport with a bite essenially. maybe good for roaming gangs to loot and skoot.

I wasn’t thinking that big, either… While I personally wouldn’t utilize anything near that size, I’m certainly not opposed to the idea.

maybe youre ideas are ■■■■ ? maybe you only want new stuff because YOUR selfish ?

no they dont … they often hurt more then they will improve !

then why you want to weaken this system with bringing more unbalanced stuff nobody needs ?

Shoo fly (@Vuhdo_Rin), shoo…

im very proud that i´m the one person of your obsession :wink:

Come come… more toys is best. I promise I will share.

It’s sci-fi, it’s supposed to have huge ships when they pass by and are finally off camera half the movie is over, lol.

Some fregates in EVE takes up a couple of city blocks. The m3 isn’t to scale anyway, certainly not realistic, so yeah more cargo space cannot hurt anything.

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