Suggestions For EVE Online

I have been playing EVE Online for a little over 3 years, and it is the only game that I have played that I do not get bored with. There are a lot of great things with the game,but I have a few suggestions to make it better,and add more content.


T3 Frigates,Battleships,and Battlecruisers:

With T3 ships just being balanced and them working well,I think it would make sense to add more ships. I am still kinda confused why they went from t3 cruisers to t3 destroyers,while not working on a main class instead of a in between one.

Iapetan Titans:

I know this is a big request,but since titans are common these days, we need another war changing super weapon. Maybe make a PVE event like an incursion where players have to kill a objective,like a mothership(make it an Iapetan Titan) and allow players to fight over it,kinda like the faction soytio’s. Then make them have a super large list of materials,and make it so the whole alliance/coalition to work together for a common goal.

Anti Headshot FC Ship:

Maybe make it super tanky and have basic movement or target painting modules,and nothing else,possibly give it a damage cap.

Giant Shield Ship:

I watched the 2016 presentation on art and design,and the shield ship was a cool idea. I know the said that they weren’t going to add it to the game,but I think its cool.

More Ships That Don’t Need To Lock On:

Like stealth bomber use bombs,make ships that don’t need to lock,and maybe don’t shoot bombs but large projectiles,or maybe a flak cannon that uses the same aiming system as titan doomsdays or the aiming system in War Thunder.



Structures with lots of weapons that you can stick on gates,citadels,or other important places so you can kill intruding fleets,solo pilots,or invaders.
Other Cool Structures With a Purpose Different Than Anything Else


Balance O Ewar:

Ewar mods are overpowered from what I have observed.


Uses for Corpses:

A way that we could refine corpses for implants,or parts of implants would be useful,especially for Molok pilots

Or MTU’s that just pull in corpses,and there would be 2 types of corpses,crew and capsular. Capsuleer would be worth more


More Fleet PVE Opportunities:

They are lots of fun!!!

Get Rid of Fozzie Sov,replace with something better:

Fozzie sov makes it so the defenders have practically no chance,and allies can’t help you defend your space.In RL the defenders have the strategic advantage,and it should be the same in EVE. The Fozzie system don’t work and has been complained about ever since it was created.Please trash it.

Tell me what you guys think!!!

only thing that was missing from your list was about cloaky campers… almost everything you’ve suggested I’ve seen posted before in the suggestions section of the forum and has been hashed and rehashed. I actually thought i went back in time several years to see these changes posted especially the corpse implant thing again :o

Anti headshotting FCs…

Shows that the sheep believe that battles should be about fun, instead about winning. When a whole fleet can be wiped just by shooting the FC, then getting better fleet members seems to be in order.

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I miss that ships dont have an identity:
I want each and every ship to have emotional meaning.
Can I suggest showing the ships timeline.

  1. The date of production.
  2. Date for when I got the ship.
  3. Maybe a log of previous owners and for how long each.
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how. about. no.

they’re tools, not stuffed animals.

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Then just treat them like tools. Let me enjoy it. It really does not interfear with your way of playing

we do not have seperate ways of playing. we might do different things, but we play the same game using the same tools, the same UI, the same commands in the same space.

Besides ships being tools you can and will lose, and not stuffed animals you should emotionally bond with, the technical demands for your request are pretty insane considering that there are billions of different items out there.

please stay reasonable. this isn’t My Little Pony.

I would also enjoy more head items for your character, such as helmets and mask. I want my character to look like a sith

…and that’s where you run into fun copyright issues :slight_smile:

… however, more clothing options that work within the eve universe for pirate factions, the miltiary (eg FW) would be very well recieved.

But something different than tshirts, jackets… i.e. why are no tunics and dresses for the religious amarrian society?

You would indeed expect a wide range of fashions to have popped up across the 12 race/subrace combinations.

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