When are we getting new pirate ships

When are we? @Brisc_Rubal what do you think

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Yea ( looking at you CCP ) why don’t we get new pirate ships? It’s only pixels, not like you have to build them like Elon does.

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I mean we have the driffters just chilling there and many trig models just siting there not being used and drones ships still can not be used yet

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Also, why not any Jovian ships? How are they a space-faring race without ships?
We want moar ships and moar ammo types.

Bruh we need there gates back on before that happens

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Yes, they need to open the gates and let the Jovians out. Another invasion would be awesome, then a war that capsuleers can join in FW between the Jovians and Traglivians.

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oh maybe we could make lore that the carline star was because of the tigs attacking the jove

They could literally decide to do anything, it’s their game.

true but still content that would bring in a lot of players

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I always like new ships.

That being said, they just did a bunch of new faction ships.

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still though those were slight model and trait changes not true new ships with bunch of lore coming with it

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Still waiting for the Vigilant and Vindicator to have unique Serpentis models, instead of being crappy reskins of the throax and megathron. And now we can add the Serpentis capitol line to that queue (well, all of the non-sansha faction capitols for that matter).

The davedevil’s design is amazing, unique, and those other ship models really need the overhaul to keep up with the legacy.

(sorry Brisc, meant to quote the OP not you)

Ive said it before, there needs to be reasons balance wise and lore wise, for new ships to be added.

What would the job be of any new ships? Logi? Capblaster5000?

Edencom T1 and T2 Logi that have a bouncing logi beam, to compliment the Triglavian version with the ramping repairs of the Rhodesia and Zarmizas.

Otherwise, fleshing out the destroyer, battlecruiser, etc. lines of the pirate ships, and a few T2 variants in the areas of each of the pirate’s specialties would be fantastic, or perhaps a “mostly balanced” lesser version of previous AT ships.

A lesser version of the Cambion and Itana that are more readily accessible may be a pipe dream though.

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