Customize parts of the spaceships structure

I want to discuss with the players and developers what they think of creating a new way to modify spaceships, for example, can change wings, fuselage and motors individually. What I am proposing is to make a structural change, where players can make visual and technical changes depending on the type of wing, fuselage and engine they choose to install in their spaceship, not only installing items as it is done so far.

I appreciate the attention.

If it can be monetized, then it will happen once this sale is finalized.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Not interested. This is EvE and not E:D or … what’s the other failure’s name again?

Structural changes to space ships with visual and technical changes based on the type of propulsion or defensive system sound great! Especially when you can tell which types of offensive system an enemy space ship is using based on how it looks!

Have you looked at strategic cruisers?


^ This is about as close to your idea that you’re going to get in EvE.

For now.^

I’d like to see more variation on appearance based on fittings in the future. Engine shape changes for afterburner or mwd fits(or both if fitted), external misc devices for sensor boosters tracking computers etc, physical ewar hardpoints(scram web neut ecm etc), armor plates and so on.

Not really sure it’d be worth the dev time. The novelty wears off pretty quickly.

Remember how many people got boners when they watched the ‘new’ ship explosions? I know I sure did. But… all I do now is play zoomed out again, because who gives a ■■■■.

Assuming it’s purely cosmetic that is.

As you do mention technical changes, I assume you mean bolting together different components for different capabilities, much like a T3C.

In which case… no a hundred times over. They have a hard enough time balancing that clusterfuck without taking that problem and multiplying it across all of the hulls in the game. T3Cs were a huge mistake because of this, and they’re basically impossible to balance. Even post-nerf they’re still stupid.

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Will a better looking ship win a PvP battle over an ugly ship? This has to be important. Can I put a picture of my dog on my ship? Dog skin?

Just because some people play zoomed out doesn’t mean some people don’t zoom in just to see those spicy explosions or catch a cool minute on fraps. If I’m not in combat (99% of time in eve is looking for a fight) I’m zoomed in. If I’m in combat in a brawling ship I’m zoomed in. If I’m one on one in a kite ship I’m zoomed in. Only time I’m zoomed out is a large fight where I need to know multiple peoples’ positions fast.

Its like tech 3 cruiser. Why you want something you can already have in game? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would understand if you would specifically describe you want tech 3 battleships or frigates, but feature is already implemented. You have to be Omega to fly these cruisers tho.

Spicy stuff is all well and good, but as I said. The novelty wears off quickly.

Personally, in a world where developer time is a scarce resource, it’d be my personal preference that they focus on matters of balance. Given that this particular change would require more than just the art team, it feels like a poor allocation of resources.

That’s their job and what EO is. Strike that comment from the record!

The first thing a company says when they buy another company is that they’re not going to change anything. The second thing they do is change everything.

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But it doesn’t wear off quickly for everyone is what I’m saying. I love the new explosions and updated ship models etc. I still appreciate them every time they’re on grid.

Also balancing is usually just shifting numbers around. It’s not like they have to go rewire ships to change the stats.

But yeah changing evey ship in the game to be modular looking sounds like quite a task and would definitely take some time. They wouldn’t have to drop them all at once I mean it could go ship by ship? I’m for anything that makes EVE prettier.

This is literally just T3s, which have been the biggest balancing issue since they released. I couldn’t even imagine every ship ending up that way.

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