QoL Improvement : Ship ability modules, built in ship abilities with no fitting requirements

Replacing very role specific modules (listed below) , with ship abilities.

Mechanic wise just move all role modules to a new slot type - hidden slots, and remove all fitting requirements. All role specific ships come pre-installed with these modules.

  1. All role specific ships comes with abilities built-in

  2. All role specific ships no longer have to equip specific modules to activate the abilities

  3. All role specific ships have increased build cost, simply use the specific module as part of the ship component in build.

  4. The abilities will display in the UI and activate like any module.

  5. The abilities will be slot-less - will not take up any high, medium, or low slots.

  6. The abilities will still use consumables where applicable.

  7. The abilities will still use capacitor where applicable.

  8. Role modules replaced with ship ability include

  • covert ops cloak ability
  • scan probe ability
  • capital ships jump ability : remove menu item, move interface to ability module
  • jump portal generation ability : remove menu item , move interface to ability module
  • command boost ability
  • cyno generation ability
  • salvager ability : only noctis and marauders

So convert some unique ability modules into hull-based abilities, and tie their efficacy to appropriate skills akin to current hull bonuses from ship skills?

You’d also need to remove the slot that this module fits in, which is actually a nerf to each of those ships in terms of fitting versatility.

It’s an even bigger nerf to ships like the Heavy Interdictor, which is often fit with multiple (scripted and unscripted) versions of it’s unique module; but not always.

Likewise not every cyno generating ship is flown with a cyno generator (I’d wager the majority are not, in fact). Adding this module without adjusting the ships fitting stats and slot loadout would be a pretty significant buff.

Hell just the CPU/PG balance change would be enough to cause a headache.

This doesn’t really improve anyone’s quality of life (you’re already just clicking buy all and fit). It has significant balance rammifications, though.

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You’d have to take a high slot from every cloaky ship, every hictor etc etc.

Basically the idea is:
Reduce player choice. Increase fitting homogeny.



That is pretty much what I got from it as well, and I agree 100% with you.

OP, those role bonuses and such are exactly that, bonuses. You don’t HAVE to fit a covops cloak to a stealth bomber for example. You can slot any other high power module you want in there. This would just reduce the options available to people. Unless you are also advocating for not removing a module slot when moving these role bonuses over. If that is the case that would be huge buff for some ships.

Recon cruisers would get a role slot for their cloak and the 1 or 2 cynos? That two free high slots. Command Battlecruisers would get 3 free high slots for their command bursts? Orcas would also get 3 free high slots. I could do so much with that amount of utility.

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Also, in addition to the balance issues (which mostly involve hypothetical fits that nobody will ever use) there’s the interface issue: it’s much easier to have a 1pg/1cpu module for a covert ops cloak that puts its activate/deactivate button on a normal module slot than to code a special interface button for that one ship ability. Your idea is a solution in need of a problem.

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For reasons already explained by everyone else:

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