Make hull upgrades give extra cargo (or add a skill that does it)

dont know if this was the case in the past or if it was changed due to an specific reason but, it wouldnt hurt to get a 5% cargo bonus from that skill taking in account cargo expanders are unlocked from it. or in that case have a skill that does it.

main reason is for getting a bit of help in those cases where you want to loot a site and the cargo doesnt match the volume of stuff found on it (specially Overseer Effects). the thing is worse in WHs when you have to not only carry the 50m3 of the mobile depot but also the volume of any extra modules you’re carrying there on top of ammunition and the stuff you obtain there.

of course i could carry an expanded cargohold module but that should be a bit overkill for those cases as it means carrying another module and fitting it also gimps your agility thus making it harder to move around.

perhaps the bonus could be smaller but its just so one could take out everything from a site without leaving anything behind. it also means you could carry more nanite paste, cap booster charges, ammunition or probes if you really need it.

what do you say? would it break the game?

There was a time where you couldn’t refit on the fly… 50m3 for a mobile depot and a bit more for cargo expanders isn’t a huge deal anymore…

Like everything else, what you put in your ship is a strategic choice. If you wish to maximize your ability to carry items of value, you’ll have to make a sacrifice. Otherwise, drop the depot from your cargo, and you’ll not only have the space that the MD was using but also those spare modules that you now cannot fit.

Point in case, with the upcoming battleship revamp, one of the things they’re giving them is increased cargo space. With all the ■■■■ that’s wrong with battleships right now, they’re going to see if more cargo space helps.

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Battleships don’t necessarily need more cargo space (more is always nice to be sure). What they (and battlecruisers) need is the ability to run a secondary set of small-medium turrets or launchers.

Unless you’re saying that you’re having trouble in completing certain sites in ships designated to the task would I suggest to only be more picky in regards to what you want to carry out.

There’s then more than cargo expanders, but you can fit cargo rigs, too. It doesn’t have to be all DPS rigs, but if this is what you went for then you’ve put yourself into a niche and the choice is now backfiring on you.

We also have support ships such as haulers and the Noctis, as well as mobile tractor units or simply dropping a can into space, which all provide a form of help to your problem.

they have this ability

they are called cruisers and frigates. works great but FCs are too lazy or afraid to break mono fleet doctrines

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I think you missed the point I was trying to make, but that’s cool.

no i knew exactly what you meant. you want all the benefits of using a BB but don’t want the draw backs

You mean that it’s slow, expensive, hard to maneuver and can’t hit anything?

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slow can be fixed if you give up tank

not all that expensive â– â– â– â–  T2 cruisers cost more than double in most cases

have no issue tracking if you decide to fit it to hit smaller ships for this trade off however you become more vulnerable to larger ships

or use them in fleets like there are intended where the other ships make up for your shortcomings

the problem with battleships has less to do with them and more to do with capitals (particularly after CCP decided they should just be good at killing everything.) by the time you get to a point where a fleet built around BBs is viable you start entering areas where you should just be using a capital. and now that you will never be penalized more than 30min there really is no reason not to use a cap.

but the things most people are suggesting to “fix” BBs will just generate another area like we have with caps

Not everyone gets their kicks from flying in fleets.

not every ship is for everyone

or should we start balancing the bantam to be solo viable?

From the same token, it’s not generally a great idea to balance everything simply from the perspective of null space.

Believe me - I do understand and appreciate your point. Respectfully, though - we’ll have to agree to disagree on the suggestion of adding a small buff to battlecruisers and battleships.

good thing i have been talking about this with ls in mind then, considering BBs are already used plenty in null

Christ since the grapple was added solo BB are not all that uncommon in LS. i mean i see them more than some other ships though admittedly a lot of people do seem to forget about this one

not sure where your concern about BC are coming from cains ferox drake brutix are all common sights in low

well then i guess a better place to start is where do you feel they should be and why?

You can use containers to get a 20 percent boost in cargo capacity - 30 percent with the huge and giant secure containers but they aren’t likely to fit in the cargo hold of a subcap combat ship. A medium cargo container takes up 325 M3 in your hold and holds 390 M3 of loot. You can’t nest containers and last time I checked, the game considered mobile depots and MTUs to be containers.

to add you also can’t use these in freighters

They do work in DST and Blockade Runner - I use the giant secure containers to expand capacity up to 30 percent. Mostly manufacturing materials like advanced moon material, PI, minerals, datacores, etc… I no longer own a freighter so haven’t tested using them there.

yeah… those aren’t freighters are they

Correct. Having nothing better to do I decided to login to Singularity, buy a freighter for 100 ISK and test:

I learned something new today! Thanks.